An Interview with Adam Clark in Thailand

I wanted to share a little success story about someone I know here, Adam Clark Thailand.

I moved to Thailand waaaay back in 2007. 17 years ago now. And it was a different time back then, both for me personally but also for Thailand. We’ve both, I like to think, come a long way since then. When I first moved to Thailand though, blogs were just starting. And the only other foreigners I met here were English teachers. And I was no different, teaching English in Chiang Mai for over a year (and then on to South Korea).

Adam Clark Thailand
Adam Clark in Thailand at the launch of his charity Hua Hin Heroes.

Finding successful foreigners to look up to, be inspired by, was almost an impossible task back then. Not like now, where you guys can hopefully see how a new life is possible when you see a guy like me (pretty awful at online stuff!) making enough money to build a home in Thailand and travel to every country in the world.

However, little did I know, there were a few guys making moves a lot bigger than my $600 a month English teaching salary allowed. Although I didn’t get to meet these guys until later in my Thai-life. Thankfully, through a good friend Paul Hurdsfield (a major sponsor of our charity Mudita Adventures), I finally came across Adam Clark in Thailand and was so impressed, that I wanted to share his story with you. First a short bio, then a couple of Q&As.

Adam Clark Thailand`
Adam Clark doing an interview in Thailand about his new business

Adam Clark Thailand bio:

When I was scrambling for a few baht a month trying to be an English Teacher, Adam had a better idea. He moved to Thailand around the same time as me, but as a finance professional. Not only was he living the dream by living in the land of smiles, he was also building a really successful career doing so.

Managing expats in Thailand’s funds, making them money, and transforming his own life, he built an amazing reputation in the country. Soon he was headhunted to bigger things, and his career went from strength to strength in Bangkok.

Soon he was married to his lovely wife, with a even lovlier young family, and his success in the finance world allowed him to branch off on his own.

Building his dream home in Hua Hin, Adam soon left the big smoke of Bangkok and began creating his dream lifestyle, still in his 30s, on a golf course in Hua Hin. Soon he was a part owner with some of the most popular restaurants in Bangkok. And now, in Hua Hin has began developing yet another restaurant in additional to Hua Hin Health Park.

Adam Clark Thailand
Adam Clark Thailand

Adam Clark Bangkok Q&A

Thanks for this Adam. I find your story hugely inspirational for other people who want to live the dream in Thailand, but don’t want to end up as English teachers, or god-forbid, bloggers! So, how long have you been in Thailand?

Almost 16 years. If you had told me nearly 2 decades would pass by in a heartbeat I’d never have believed it. I’m very fortunate to be able to call this beautiful country my home.

What made you move to Thailand?

Even though I grew up in the UK, my mother is Thai and with frequent time spent in Thailand growing up I always aimed to one day work in Thailand. That helped me settle in originally, and then with my career working out well, I knew I’d be settled here indefinitely.

So we understand you were a successful wealth manager in Bangkok, but have now moved to a quieter life. What inspired that?

My children. After 14 great years in Bangkok including a number of successful business such as Hemmingway’s and Levels we decided upon a quieter setting to raise our young family. Although I loved my time in Bangkok having grown up in the Lincolnshire Wolds, city life wasn’t where I felt most at home.

My finance career had been going well, and I was inundated with offers. Being careful with my money, I invested in some nightlife venues and restaurants and they did well too. Plenty of blood, sweat and tears there, in addition to working full-time! But we got there in the end.

But despite leaving the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, it seems that the ‘quiet life’ in Hua Hin isn’t so quiet for you afterall! Please tell us about your Hua Hin health park plans?

Hua Hin has been growing with people escaping the intensity of Bangkok. And, as you know Johnny, Thailand medical care is second to none. But Hua Hin has been late to the party, so we’re stepping in to fill that void with a health park in Hua Hin.

(EDIT JOHNNY: You can readt about Adam Clark Thailand health plans here)

And it’s not just business that takes up all your time, is it Adam. Please tell us about your Hua Hin Heroes?

The Hua Hin Heroes foundation is an independent charity organization established by a diverse team of young entrepreneurs. (EDIT JOHNNY: You can see an Adam Clark Thailand interview, discussing Hua Hin Heroes HERE). We bring together ideas, people, and resources to provide assistance to those in need. Our focus is on achieving long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable development goals for the Hua Hin community. Hua Hin Heroes (Foundation currently in formation) was founded by a diverse team of me and two other Hua Hin entrepreneurs, myself of course, and Henrik Fagersson and Ploypailin Sakdaphetsiri. We are supported by a group of professionals from the fields of law, accounting and IT. Everyone in the team works on a voluntary basis. We’re hoping to leave a lasting legacy in Hua Hin, where as a sleepy town 3 hours from Bangkok, it’s often ignored by other charities.

So I hope Adam Clarks Thailand story can showcase what’s possible with a little leap of faith guys. I wish I had known about Adam when I first moved to Thailand at a similar time. As is clearly the case, where there’s a will, there’s a way to create a successful life for yourself. You sometimes just need to take that leap of faith.

As Adam makes his mark in Hua Hin, you can do some further reading on him here:

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