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“If you do what you’ve always done,  you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


Remember being a kid when the whole world was seemingly so full of opportunities, you saw wrongs that had to be righted, countries to be visited, companies to be started. You truly envisaged living the life you dreamt of. You didn’t know how you would get there, but you would. It was just a matter of time – getting a little older, making the right choices, being brave, that’s all it was gonna take.


And now, today, you still experience passing moments that hark back to the ambitions and dreams you carried as a younger version of yourself, ambitions that you oh so fervently believed would become realities. Yet here you are, not quite there yet, a little older than you wish you were, and not quite on the right track to get where you want to be. “SH *T, it wasn’t supposed to be like this”. Ouch.


I was hiking in Argentina this week and I met two great guys, one from Scotland and one from England. We spent a few days together, and it transpired that they work for one of the ‘Big Four’ audit firms, a household name. They were pushing 30, good salaries, ‘living the dream’ in London, their parents could brag about their awesome careers, and they could afford nice holidays like this one in Patagonia. Yet they were miserable with their jobs, their lifestyles and their prospects. Knowing they wanted to escape before it’s too late, but admitted they probably won’t. I spent the next two days trying to convince these guys to follow their hearts, live with a smile on your face, not to dread Mondays every week – we only have so many of them in our short lives.


Spare a thought too for John, who went viral over at Reddit this week, who confessed to ‘fucking up’ his whole life. He was almost 50, miserable, depressed and unfulfilled. Financially comfortable, yet felt like he had burned his whole life with a safe career he didn’t love, long hours for more promotions at the expense of his loved ones, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Now here was baring his soul, warning others not to make the same mistakes he did. Take heed.


We’re constantly scared to make bold decisions; the path of least resistance draws us in hungrily. Societal pressures subconsciously dictate which decisions we make, and we choose to mirror our friends’ mistakes rather than go it alone. Better to stay part of the pack, safety in numbers, we’re all in it together. This is life, it’s not quite what I hoped it would be, but it’s manageable. And so a life of mediocracy awaits.


We’re so beaten down with negativity and fear that we don’t truly, truly believe that we can do what we want. We’re cowards but we won’t admit it, none of us. Not you, your friends, the paper you read or the company you work for. Every morning you wake up, you have decisions to make. Delaying that decision merely means that you’ve already decided to accept where you are right now. You know what we want in your life. But here you are, not actively doing anything to make it happen.


It’s got to stop. It’s time to be brave. To rekindle those dreams of your youth and go out and make them happen.

Image-1 (2)

You’re young, you’re educated, you’re privileged. You’re English speaking, you’re internet savvy, you’re informed. You should be free, you should be happy, you should be fulfilled. You should be brave.

True bravery doesn’t mean standing up to your boss at the job you hate, it means quitting the job you hate. True bravery isn’t managing your problems, it’s removing them.

It takes true bravery to accept you’re not in the right place, not in the place you dreamt you would be when you envisaged your life a few years back. It takes more bravery still to make a proactive decision to make a genuine change.

So be brave folks. Wake up from your slumber and go and get whatever it is you want. It’s possible, truly it is. Listen to poor John over at Reddit, learn from his mistakes, stop living life vicariously through someone else. Be brave now, before it’s too late.


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One thought on “Motivational Monday: Be Brave

  1. you are right mate, people need to be brave, im really shy and just not too brave myself, there are thing which scare me to death like jumping out of an airplane , i would die XDD

  2. Great post! I recently quit a soul-sucking job and am starting to freelance using my day-job skills as well as starting a few topical blogs. As far as having enough money as mentioned in the comments – I waited too long trying to get “enough” money and it was never enough and the saving was going so slow. I started small scale freelancing on the side and once I brought in a bit of cash I decided to take the leap. I have enough in savings to survive but it’s still not tons which turns out to be very motivating!

  3. Big changes take time. A few years ago I had a co-worker who had just come back from 11 months backpacking and he’d tell me all these amazing stories about travel but it wasn’t something I thought I was capable of doing, financially or emotionally. It took two years of daydreaming and googling to turn that seed of an idea into living travel and I’ve never been happier. I biked down Cotopaxi with biking dutchman yesterday on your recommedation and loved it! Sometimes little things you say to people grow on them over time.

  4. Absolutely adore this post! Your blog and stories are a large part of the reason I had the courage to up and leave England! I’ve moved to HK, and am currently teaching english as a means of saving money to travel around Asia!

  5. Great post Johnny man.

    For some of us youngins, it’s not a matter of being to scare to take that next step.

    It’s a matter of not having enough money, and being unsure how we’re going to keep feeding our mouths along the way.

    Granted I had enough cash flow, I would have rendezvous with you somewhere along with way during your current backpacking/South America tour.

    What advice can you give some of us to get cash flowing?

    Save the cliche work and hustle hard and grind until you can’t grind no more.
    I’m looking for a more niched down, specific response on ‘what else’ I can do to get cash flowing remotely.

      1. mate, if u want a lifestyle similar to mine you have to crack making money online. My advice would be to pack up, teach english in Asia and learn how to do that while you’re living in Asia. Blogging and affiliate marketing aren’t easy, but super possible 🙂

        1. Thanks for the reply mate.

          I’ve been learning the skills to work remotely.

          Got on oDesk, started writing, and I can make websites.

          The trouble is with securing good paying clients then keeping them.

          I’ve just learned of some new websites to pick up more writing gigs.
          Somehow I’ve got to expand and scale.

          Been in and out of it for months!

          Oh, and I do have my TEFL 🙂

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