Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Thailand

Long story, short? If you’re looking for to buy the best Christmas trees in Thailand, a gorgeous high-end beautiful tree, then this blog post has you covered.

Ahhhh, I know I’m getting old when I’m writing blog posts like this. Anyway, I’ve been based loosely in Thailand for over 15 years, all the way through my ‘every country in the world‘ journey and now on my Explorers Grand Slam journey.

I bought a condo in Bangkok 10 years ago, but recently upgraded and built my dream house in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And that’s where I am today. Getting ready for my first ever ‘real’ Christmas in my first ever house!

After nearly bankrupting myself building my dream house, I knew that I wanted to do Christmas right for the first time. Years of sub-par christmas efforts in my small condo in Bangkok, with barely a piece of tinsel in sight. Now, with my big open plan living area, I’m dreaming of a real Christmas, with real decorations. Step 1 though, where to buy a christmas tree in Thailand?

Buying a christmas tree in Thailand
Buying a christmas tree in Thailand

Buying a christmas tree in Bangkok

I’m based in Northern Thailand now, but most of the main custom in Thailand is done in Bangkok. So although I tried looking for a Christmas tree in Chiang Mai, there weren’t any good options. So I looked to Bangkok. Months and months I tried. Looking online, looking for real christmas trees, fake christmas trees, importing from China, or from Europe. Nothing good. There were some cheap options for Christmas trees in Thailand (I’ve listed them below), but I didn’t want to do that for 3 reasons:

  1. Pay cheap, pay twice. As someone who grew up poor, I know this is oh, so true.
  2. It’s Christmas! I want it to be magical, and beautiful, and atmospheric. So I want an amazing Christmas tree!
  3. If I buy a quality Christmas tree in Thailand this year, it’ll last for at least 10 years, maybe more. So let’s do it.
buy a christmas tree in bangkok

Buying the BEST christmas tree in Thailand; HOW!

It was actually my wife that discovered where to buy a Christmas tree in Thailand. I guess our iPhones had picked us up talking about it for weeks, and eventually she got it with an Instagram Ad, and the rest is history. You’ve probably landed on this article from a google search about buying a christmas tree in Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, so well done, I’ve cut out all the research for you and found the best option!

The best place to buy a Christmas tree in Phuket/Bangkok/Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand for that matter is via an Instagram account called: instagram.com/merryxmastree_th


How to order your Christmas tree in Thailand

My wife found the Merry xMas guys and I sent them a DM via Instagram, you can also use Line app (QR code below). They speak both Thai and English fluently, so I was messaging in English. And they got back to me the same day.

They have 3 design options of Christmas trees to choose from, and they then have 3 sizes too. The 3 options are:

  • Snowy
  • Glittery
  • Cashmere

And the 3 standard sizes are 7.5 feet (228cm), 10 feet (305cm) and 12 feet (365cm). Although they have a Christmas promotion on right now for cheaper trees that are 5 and 6.5 feet too, great if you live in a condo rather than a house.

In terms of delivery, that can all be managed directly with the team. They send all over Thailand. Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, wherever. I got my tree 3 or 4 days after I ordered it. Super fast.

Their Line app QR code:

Buying a christmas tree in bangkok
You can contact them via their Instagram, or via their Line app

How much does a christmas tree in Thailand cost?

The prices vary. The normally start at 21,900THB ($600ish), and they go up to 61,900 ($1700ish) for HUGE commercial trees. But they have a promotion for normal people too over Christmas, with prices starting at 9,900thb ($275). Considering that these things can last a lifetime, it’s a brilliant promotion.

Here are the options that they hold:

christmas tree thailand
I went for Cashmere, 7,5 feet
christmas tree thailand cost
Christmas tree in Thailand costs, including the promotional prices

Wait.. Does Thailand celebrate Christmas?!

Haha, well not really. Although that being said, there are 390,000 Christians in Thailand, excluding foreigners. So that makes up 0.4% of the population. Including foreigners, maybe 1%. Max.

But Thai culture is warm, and welcoming. And Thais love fun. And holidays. So they celebrate it due to Western culture permeating the world. The gift giving, the parties, Christmas cards, the food etc. Do they celebrate Jesus et al, no of course not. But the holiday of Christmas? Absolutely.

buying a christmas tree in phuket
Merry xMas cashmere 12 feet

Cheap Options for a Christmas tree in Thailand

I’m always super careful with my money. I preach responsible spending all my life. But Christmas is the one time of year I think “IT’S CHRISTMAS!“, hence me buying the best christmas tree in Thailand! However, if you’re not into Christmas, or your budget is a little less then the 2 places I’d suggest you get a Christmas Tree would be:

  • Lazada: It’s basically the Thai Amazon. You can pick up 6ft trees for about 4500THB ($130USD). Just note that they are pretty much all imported from China, they sometimes therefore take u to a month to arrive, and the quality can be left wanting!
  • Mr DIY: A cheap hardware store in Thailand. Again, trees here can be bought for around 4500THB. They’re plastic, and a little cheap, but they’re pretty decent all things considered.
  • Shopping malls? If you’re new to Thailand, you’ll know that Western ideas, and concepts, are targeted for the affluent Thais. And are subject to HEAVY import taxes. So, if you go to one of the million Thai shopping malls, and hit up Central Department store, or anything similar, you’ll find Christmas trees for sale but at extortionate prices. Avoid this option! Either go cheap online, or if you can afford it, go for the quality ones from Merry Xmas!

Final thoughts on buying a Christmas tree in Thailand

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you’re Christmas is amazing, and you have a time full of fun, love and great memories. Christmas has always been a huge part of my heart, so for me getting a brilliant Christmas tree in Thailand was paramount. So I’m delighted I found it.

Of course, it’s not necessary for a successful Christmas, so if you don’t need to go all out, I hope my cheaper suggestions helped you guys too. Either way, enjoy!

buying a Christmas tree in Thailand
buying a Christmas tree in Thailand

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