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San Diego, America’s Finest City. That is the moniker for the southernmost city in California which is located right along the Mexican border with Tijuana. Ask anyone that lives there, or anyone that has been there and most of them will agree the city sure if fine. The city of Angels 100 miles north, Los Angeles, is one of the most well-known places on earth and yet to most Southern California natives San Diego is really the holy grail of the state. Want to know why? Keep reading! 

Beach Towns

San Diego is a beach mecca just like most of the Southern California coastline offering amazing views of the Pacific, year-round surfing, and golden sand for miles and miles. No beach in San Diego has the famous-ness of a place like Santa Monica, but that may because there are too many great ones to count. The bulk of San Diego county’s coast is made of different beach towns all with their own unique lifestyle. When you fly into San Diego you can visit them south to north and pick your favorite. Starting with Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach these uber crowded local hot spots all trend to the younger and more social crowd. There is tons of surfing, nightlife, and action happening seven days per week. Keep driving north and you hit the second style of beach towns such as La Jolla, Del Mar, and Carlsbad all offering a more luxurious and laidback style of life. What is nice about all of these areas is how defined and independent they are. None span for too long and all seem to have pretty defined borders. You can hit Del Mar for dinner at an oceanfront restaurant, La Jolla for a cocktail, and Ocean Beach for a concert all in one night or weekend. 



It isn’t hard these days to find someone who has a different opinion of which city in the states is the “craft beer capital” of the country but San Diego has legitimate claims to the title. This awesome interactive chart on beer on The Pudding shows that if you slide the scale completely towards “quality” you find San Diego in third place with an A rating. Sure bronze isn’t first but then you simply slide the chart towards quantity and San Diego remains in third while every other city rejumbles around it. Point being, San Diego has some of the best breweries in America on top of having almost more per capita than any other place in the country. If you want to see them all there are options for touring San Diego and seeing the best beer it has to offer. One of San Diego’s first and best craft brewing companies, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, sold in 2015 for 1 billion dollars, not too bad for what was once a microbrewery down by the Mexican border. 


Small but Big? 

Want the proximity, activities, and attractions of Los Angeles but in a city that is literally three times smaller? That’s right despite being 100 miles apart San Diego’s population of 1.3 million people is only one-third of Los Angeles’ 3.9 million people with all the same benefits if not more. San Diego is a booming economy especially in science with over 600 biotech companies. It is home to arguably the world’s best zoo, the world’s worst baseball team, and the world’s tastiest fish tacos. When in San Diego you have access to all of Los Angeles due to the close proximity, not to mention famous areas like Long Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach are South of Los Angeles so they are even closer! Some of the main drawbacks to Los Angeles include traffic and pollution which do not exist in San Diego thanks to the several million who don’t live there. 

San Diego is the oldest city in California and too all of its residents it happen to be the best one too, if you want to take a side of this debate plan a trip to Southern California, visit both, and see which one you prefer! 


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