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Can You Really be a Nomad with Pets?

You’ve decided to leave the traditional lifestyle behind and travel the whole world, but can you become a digital nomad with a pet?. You’ve done extensive research and have learned a great deal about how others are able to successfully travel for months or even years at a time on their own or with their kids.

The only problem is, you also have pets who are very much a part of your household. Is it possible to follow your dreams of being unencumbered by debt and other unnecessary materialistic things with muffin or Fido in tow? The answer is yes. Below are a few suggestions on how you can take your pets on a nomadic journey with you

nomad with pet
Can you be a digital nomad with a pet?

Get a House on Wheels

Recreational vehicles (RVs) can be a great option for pet owners who now want to travel full-time. Many people already enjoy the pleasures of taking their dogs and cats on trips via the big RV with lots of space for everyone. Since most campgrounds are pet-friendly, you won’t have any issues with docking somewhere to take a break from the road. If you’re going to keep your pet in a vehicle, however, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the temperature is always comfortable for your pet
  • Ensure that your pet is getting enough exercise as there isn’t a lot of space inside for them to move around
  • See if you can have your pet meds and supplies shipped to you from nationwide providers. Whether they have dog skin problems, arthritis, fleas, and ticks, or you just need the best brands of foods and treats you want to have easy access to familiar brands.
  • Line up pet sitters for those campsites or areas that do not allow pets. They aren’t as frequent but can pop up and leave you in a bit of a pickle.
  • If you have a little kitty, remember to check out this Cat Food Advisor Guide, its very handy!

Travel By Plane

If most of your traveling will involve hopping on a plane, this is also an option you have for traveling with a dog, cat, or household bird. Though some airlines only allow service pets, others are very pet-friendly. Below are some tips to keep in mind when traveling by plane:

  • You’ll have to pay a fee (check out my curve card review, and my wise multi currency account review for help with money overseas).
  • Some airlines will allow you to travel with your pet on the plane in an approved carrier while others will require the pets to fly as cargo.
  • Depending on where you intend to travel, you may be required to have a health certificate for your pet.
  • You’ll need to carry up to date pet records that include their most recent shots and vaccinations to enter certain countries.
  • Your pet needs to be small enough to fit in a kennel.
  • The kennel needs to fit underneath your seat on the plane and the pet often is not allowed to be removed until you’ve landed.

Traveling By Car

Not sure your dog or cat is ready to travel by plane just yet? You could try your hand at a good old-fashioned road trip to see if that makes a difference. When taking a long-distance road trip with your dog, be sure to do the following:

  • Feed them a few hours before leaving so they don’t soil your car.
  • Pack plenty of food, water, treats, medications, and toys to keep them occupied.
  • Make sure that you have a proper kennel or pet restraint to keep them from roaming around the car.
  • Get your pets microchipped prior to traveling so they can easily be identified should they get loose.
  • If you plan on making stops along the way, pre-plan your route so you can look for pet-friendly establishments.
digital nomad with pet

Though being a digital nomad with a pet is a very real possibility, it’s a lot more involved than simply taking your dog on a trip for a few days. In order to make sure that your dogs and cats can remain healthy, safe, and comfortable, keep all of the above tips in mind. You’ll also want to be prepared for the unexpected like your pet getting sick, certain establishments or areas forbidding pets, and more. Other than that, showing fluffy or rover the world of a lifetime sounds like a lifetime adventure you and your family will remember forever.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Really be a Digital Nomad with Pets?

  1. You do need to be sure the country your traveling to will let your pet in. Also, it can be difficult traveling from country to country. Every country has different rules. It was no problem for me to bring my cat from Korea to Canada. However, has a time stipulation on when the cat could come back into Korea should I ever want to return with her.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a great information. I appreciate your time and effort in your work.

  3. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and all of this info is so helpful for those of us who would love to travel more extensively. Very inspirational and always a good read.

    Marcus Drew – Bell Gardens, CA

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