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Priority Pass Lounge Access at New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport

If you guys follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’m pretty obsessed with my Priority Pass card, you can read in-depth Priority Pass Review. My membership that grants me access to business class airport lounges in pretty much every airport I’ve visited worldwide over the last 2 years. Too good to be true? Not quite.

What is Priority Pass?

So I fly economy 99% of the time, regardless of how much money I made blogging online, because of that I used to dread all my obscure transits when traveling from A to B, via C, D and E! 2 years ago I signed up to Priority Pass, and this year I renewed again. The concept is simple, pay a yearly fee and receive access to the airport lounges. Simple. You have 3 options of memberships:

1) Standard: $99: Tier 1 means you get membership and then you get access to the lounges for a set $27 fee each time.

2) Standard plus: $249: This was my choice the first time I signed up to Priority Pass. $250 and you get 10 free lounge passes, and then it’s $27 per visit after your 10 are used up. I loved this but I always found myself thinking “Should I use one of my 10 choices for this 3 hour layover or not!?”/

3) Prestige: $399: This year I finally upgraded to the full option. Unlimited lounge access! I signed up 2 months ago and have used 7 lounges already, amazing! A place to work or chill, free flow red wine/champagne/beers, dinner, breakfast, showers. It’s amazing. It’s changed my economy flight experiences into something I look forward to, and I go to the airport early now each time so I can go to whatever lounge they have!

If you don’t have a priority pass, I can’t recommend them highly enough, and here’s 15% off the card just for you! CLICK HERE: 15% OFF for OneStep4ward readers

johnny ward priority pass
My treasured Priority Pass

Priority Pass Lounge At Delhi Airport

Let me show you my recent experience at New Delhi, coming from my most recent GiveBackGiveAway charity project in India, and flying to the North Pole to do a marathon there! I was stuck in Delhi airport for hours and hours, and rather than sitting against the wall, trying to find a plug socket to charge my phone and scrounge wifi off the nearest Starbucks, as I had done for years, I waltzed into the Lounge, had a glass of champagne or 3, opened my Mac, did some work and ate freely until my flight was due. This is how everyone should travel.


Priority Pass gives lounge access to over 1200 lounges worldwide, so in large airports like London, Amsterdam, New York, Delhi etc there are multiple lounges that you can access. If you have a long layover, and you have the Prestige Pass (the unlimited PP membership, it’s the one I’d recommend) then you can try them all. The best lounge in Delhi, in my opinion, is the ITC Hotels Green Lounge. It’s next door to another PP lounge, Premium Plaza Lounge, , but personally I always go to ITC.

ITC Hotels Green Lounge reception
ITC Hotels Green Lounge reception

Location, Opening Hours & Facilities

It’s open 24 hours a day which is great. To find it, you jump tp Terminal 3, follow signs to Lounges A, follow the escalator up and you’re all set for a nice bit of luxury while you wait for your next flight.

Food & Drink

The food and drink options are pretty extensive. They roll out different options depending on which section of their 24 hour session you come for, which isn’t a given for a lot of lounges. Great coffee and soft drinks, and then a very decent selection of beers, alcohol and spirits. Naturally the food has a distinct Indian flavour, but you should be used to that if you’ve been traveling across India. So grab some tikka massala and a Kingfisher and enjoy your time.


The lounge is a great size, and most of the tables are separate by a spacious table so you never feel as if you’re sitting on each other’s laps. Always a plus (or not, depending on how long the flight has been).

There is also a very impressive working lounge, which for bloggers, or business-people alike, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with those pressing emails even when you’re in transit between countries.


There are 6 lounges in New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport, so it can be quite  confusing as to which one is the best one. I’m constantly googling which lounge in which airport is best, and I love it when I finally stumble across a blog post from someone who has been in most/all of the lounges in a specific airport, so this post is me paying back all those blog posts I’ve read in other airports. ITC Hotels Green is the best lounge with Priority Pass access. Terminal 3, get yourself over there and pretend you’re flying business class as you order another Johnnie Walker Double Black and soda. Enjoy.

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Got a question? Wanna comment? I'd love to hear from you

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