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My girlfriend, Jaa, and I were enjoying our last evening together for 7 or 8 months as I go from Mexico to Antarctica by land. I had pushed the boat out and organised our last night to be spent at the gorgeous Culloden Estate and Spa (read my review here) but my plans initially were to go into Belfast city centre for a special dinner, but that was before I laid eyes on the beautiful little restaurant on the Culloden’s grounds, the Cultra Inn.

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johnny ward girlfriend jaa

I love a nice restaurant, but I’m not a huge fan of stuffy, over formal affairs so the Cultra Inn was just perfect. Suave and classy, but still a down-to-earth vibe, it’s a high-end gastro-pub and the atmosphere was spot on.

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We got seated at our table and a couple of drinks were ordered and delivered in no time. After selecting our smoked salmon on (Irish) wheaten bread starter along with bacon soup we then decided on our mains.

Before we could even beging to anticpate those delicious stakes, we were on the receiving end of some great wine advice, so that was duly ordered too!

IMG_4509 IMG_4508

The starters were delicious. The bacon soup came with a super fresh home-baked scone, and the smoked salmon was sourced in my small fishing town, Kilkeel.

IMG_4510 IMG_4512

The main courses then were both a ribeye steak and a sirloin steak, complete with 3 sides and the portions are huge! Don’t make our mistake and order 3 sides, it’s madness. Despite the up market vibe his is still Irish grub , not French, so the portions sizes are huge. The Australian shiraz was a great accompanyment to the steaks too.



The sweet tooth in me couldn’t refuse a desert, so we ordered a banoffee pie. I would love to convince you guys that we shared it, i mean technically we did in that we had one plate and 2 forks, but I had 99% of it devoured before Jaa could lick her lips. No apologies here, it was delicious.


After calming down from the wonderful 3 courses, we finished the dinner off with an Irish coffee (with local whisky) and a Bailey’s coffee – a great way to finish a great dinner. I’ll be back guys.


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One thought on “Cultra Inn, Culloden Hotel Review

  1. Salmon all the way from Kilkeel – nice touch mate. This is really good publicity for Northern Ireland too, love it! Jonny

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