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Thanks to my extreme ignorance, before I came to Slovenia I was expecting a grim, eastern European state. If I had known I was going to be in Bled, Slovenia a few years ago, I would have though of some run down, dilapidated town in the middle of nowhere, like Borat’s home but rougher. How wrong I was.

Not only is Slovenia amazing, Bled is the jewel in its crown. A picture-perfect, azure blue lake surrounded with lush mountains and just an hour or so from its capital. And just in case it wasn’t quite lovely enough, they plop a picturesque church in the middle of the lake, only accessible by rowboat. It’s like Ghandi playing Sim City.

Bled is found in the Julian Alps, in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park. There’s great hiking, camping, trekking all around but it’s so tough to motivate yourself to do it when all you want to do is chill at Lake Bled for days on end!

Relaxing is the order of the day, that’s for sure but if you really have your sightseeing hat on, check out the awesome Bled Castle ($9), it’s a steep climb but you get great views. Personally though, I think the views from the bottom, looking up at the castle are much more impressive.


To get to the church in the middle you can take a gondola ($15 per person) or rent a row boat for about $15 for 4. It’s cute, and it gives you something to do, but it’s just a church to be honest.

You can walk around the entire lake in less than 2 hours (6km) which is a nice way to heat up before you take a dip in the chilly fresh water.

There are kayaking and rafting companies in the town of Bled, I didn’t bother with that but prices start around 30 euro, quite pricey considering the rapids aren’t great in this area of the world.

I loved Bled, and I’m sure I’ll be back. That’s not something I often say, but it’s such a nice place, it’d be a shame to know how amazing it is, and never return. Happy travels!


From Ljubljana train station, a bus leaves every hour from directly outside the entrance. It costs around 5 Euro and takes about 80 minutes.


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2 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Bled, Slovenia

  1. So happy to read, you had a wonderful time in Slovenia and especially that you find it on your travel map 🙂 Many people don’t know we even exist! Well, if you are here again, let me know, and we can meet for a drink or two. There’s so much more in Ljubljana and around Slovenia, worth seeing, which I’ve noticed you missed…well, but like you said, 3 days is very little for Slovenia, even though we are such a small country!

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