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I enjoyed my time in Bled so much that I didn’t know what to expect from Lake Bohinj. On my facebook fan page, I had mentioned that I was in Slovenia ad 3 people messaged me to tell me I HAD to go Lake Bohinj, and not just Bled. So I did just that.

Bohinj is home to another beautiful lake, one which doesn’t have the fame of Bled, and therefore also doesn’t have the same number of tourists.

The glacial lake here is bigger than Bleds, but is much less developed. You can see Slovenia’s highest peak, Mt Triglav, from the lakeshore and there are endless activities near by (kayaking, trekking, biking). If you’re an outdoorsy type you should allocated a few days to spend in Bled and Bohinj.

There are a couple of hostels in town starting at $20 per dorm, although I choose to day trip it from Ljubljana. My time here was spent waltzing around with some cool guys I met on the bus, swimming in the lake, eating ice cream, swimming some more and then heading back to Ljubljana. And I don’t feel guilty for it one bit!

If you’re feeling weary from traveling, Bohinj (and Bled) will give you the recharge you need. I was feeling a little jaded and this has ramped me back up. I’m ready to hit the rest of Europe now! Off to Austria tomorrow!


Bohinj is just another 25 minutes or so further on the same road from Ljubljana to Bled, so you take the same bus but get off a little later.

Also, you can take the bus from Ljubljana to Bled, then Bled to Bohinj and Bohinj to Ljubljana all in one day if you’re pushed for time.



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