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While street food has roots in Ancient Rome, Greece and Turkey, the European scene has never been quite as diverse as it is in the likes of Asia or South America — that is until now. The European street food scene has been selling food based on Asian or South American cuisine for a long time—think tacos, dumplings or banh mi—but now it seems to be shifting towards more local and regional dishes that draw inspiration from the melting pot of cultures that make up Europe.

In a continent with as much contrast as Europe, there is a serious advantage to knowing just what you should be looking out for. Luckily, the world of blogging provides you with heaps of insiders’ tips for all of this. At the end of each suggestion below, there is a “blogger tip” with some of the best local on-the-ground foodie bloggers in each country. These particular food blogs will make you want to dive right in, not only because of their tantalizing editorial content and their in-the-know info, but also because they are each a visual feast with excellent food photography and some of the best food blog layouts I’ve seen with superb templates and customized designs.


Street food in Germany has really come alive in the last few years, especially in Berlin, where there are a number of indoor and outdoor options to enjoy all year round. Aside from the usual würst, one of the best German options is some delicious spätzle. This is essentially a form of pasta or noodle made from eggs, flour and salt. It is often served with a meat ragout, lentils, or baked in cheese and served with fried onions and garlic.

Blog Tip: Stil in Berlin


While Italy is home to some of the most popular cuisine worldwide, no one actually implements this cuisine quite like the Italians. Pizza and gelato only scrape the surface of the nation’s rich culinary tradition. One of the tastiest street food items is the Sicilian specialty arancini; these are deep fried rice balls with a traditional filling of ragú. The tasty rice balls are said to have come from the need to use up leftover risotto from the night before — perfect as a portable snack.

Blog Tip: Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome


When in Bosnia, there are lots of things you can grab on the go, including some delicious coffee and baklava, but the thing that stands out most is the abundance of delicious bureks. When fresh and done right, the burek can be an absolute game-changer. It basically consists of one of three fillings: minced meat, spinach, or cheese and herbs, wrapped in layers of filo pastry and baked.

Blog Tip: Baking with Sibella


Despite being one of the many countries that offer a decent kebab, amongst many other things, Hungary has its own street food version of the classic bread and cheese combo: lángos. This is a deep-fried flatbread with traditional toppings like sour cream cheese and bacon, or simply just garlic butter. Although it’s certainly not the most healthy snack, it is very tasty and available on almost every street corner.

Blog Tip: That’s Hamori

United Kingdom

There’s a large variety of street food in the UK including fish and chips, jerk chicken or a good old cheese toastie, but there is one that takes the biscuit: the Cornish pasty from the South of England. This is a baked pastry traditionally filled with beef, potatoes, onion and gravy.

Blog Tip: London Street Foodie


While the Swedes stand out for many culinary endeavors including licorice, candy and all things herring, it is their kanelbullar cinnamon buns that really breaks hearts. Catching one of these fresh out of the oven will change your life.

Blog Tip: Stockholm Food Stories

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