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Gaming to go: games to keep you entertained as you travel

One drawback of exploring the world is the amount of time I need to spend actually travelling. I’ve visited every country in the world, but it’s always the time I spend alone in the air or on trains that leaves me at a loss with what to do.   

Luckily, technology has improved massively in the decade and a half that I’ve been on my global voyage, and it’s now possible to access a world of entertainment and amusement using just a phone or laptop. I’ve discovered all manner of entertaining games that are even easy enough for a self-confessed technophobe like myself to get to grips with, and they can all be played either in airplane mode or with a limited internet connection.   

Here are ten of my favourites:   

Mobile Games  

Bejewelled Classic  

This popular puzzle game has been around for a while and the premise is simple – match coloured jewels in order by swiping your screen – but it’s deceptively compelling. Once you start playing this you just won’t be able to stop! For a mobile game too, it boasts some stunning graphics, and there are different game modes to try out, including Classic and Lightning mode.  

Available on iOS and Android   

Pokémon Quest  

My favourite action/adventure game for mobile (with a bit of role-playing thrown in too), Pokémon Quest is a classic Pokémon game on the go. Its blocky, retro design hearkens back to those early smartphone games of the last decade, but it’s very much a modern game. Playing the game involves setting out on expeditions around Tumblecube Island – just watch out for those wild Pokémon!   

Available on iOS and Android  

Alto’s Adventure  

This game belongs to the endless runner genre, which stems back to those platform games of the 1990s like Super Mario. Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game, with clear and gorgeous visuals, and it is one of the most compelling mobile games out there – once you’ve started playing, you’ll find it hard to stop. The game will keep you occupied for a good stretch of time, there are almost 200 different challenges to complete, and if you do manage to finish it, there’s even a sequel – Alto’s Odyssey.   

Available on iOS and Android   

A Planet of Mine  

What could be a better accompaniment for a trip around planet earth than a game that involves space exploration and developing civilizations? A Planet of Mine is a well-crafted strategy game that plays out in real-time. Specifically designed for mobiles, you can play it in portrait mode and the graphics aren’t too intense, so you won’t need to stop and recharge your phone every five minutes.   

Available on iOS and Android   

The Room  

If bright graphics or fast-paced action and adventure games aren’t your style, then The Room is just what you need. This sophisticated puzzle game may not have the flashy appeal of some of the others on this list, but it will be well worth your time and boost your grey matter in the process. The game presents you with different puzzle boxes to explore; solve them and you’ll move on to harder and more complex boxes.   

Available on iOS and Android   

Laptop Games   

PokerStars Casino  

The PokerStars casino platform is one of the most established iGaming platforms around and is a big hit with novice gamers and high rollers alike. Setting up an account will give you access to a wide range of different casino games online, from play money tournaments and slots with free spins, to live roulette and blackjack. The platform is even downloadable as a mobile app, which will provide you with a selection of blackjack and roulette games.  

Available on PC, iOS, and Android  

Don’t Starve  

With its Tim Burton-esque 2D visuals, Don’t Starve is a captivating survival game that isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side. As a solo character, you need to ensure your survival in a sepia-toned world filled with werepigs, deerclopses, and beargers. The game will challenge you to craft for your survival, harvesting raw materials to create tools and contraptions necessary to stay alive.   

Available on PC   

Mini Metro  

For something a bit different, give Mini Metro a try. It’s another game with a simple premise, but it’s weirdly compelling. Mini Metro is a puzzle game, and each puzzle comes in the form of a travel map, inspired by the subway lines of cities like New York, Shanghai, and Paris. The game may not feature accurate replicas of real-life metro maps, but you’ll be an expert at reading them after a few sessions playing this one.   

Available on PC   

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