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Couchsurfing is not about saving money, that’s not the essence of it at all, it’s about meeting like-minded people; it’s about sharing stories and learning cultures; it’s about paying it forward and it’s about making new friends.

couch surfing in estonia

I couchsurfed in Estonia and what a great decision it turned out to be. I had spoken via email with my host in advance (lets call him Tim because I don’t want him inundated with a thousand requests after this!), told him how I was getting the boat from Finland to Estonia, told him I wasn’t sure about how long I was staying, and he had been nothing but understanding.


Anyways, after I stupidly bought an Estonian-Finland boat ticket instead of a Finland-Estonia ticket, I told Tim I would be a couple of hours later than planned. When I finally landed in Estonia there he was, picking me up from the port in his car, and driving us back to his place. I set myself up on the sofa bed in his apartment right in the Old Town in Tallinn, it was perfect.


We went out for a beer and dinner in a great local restaurant, the food was delicious and the local beer was great. We had a great evening, chatting about traveling, the countries we liked most, future travel plans etc thoroughly enjoyable. After Tim disappeared I suggested paying… but the bill had already been taken care of by my ridiculously generous host.


The next day I had to apply for my Belarus visa, and the embassy was a bit out of town so I was trying to work out how to get there. “Don’t worry johnny, my client works around there, I can drive you, what time do you need to be there?”. I tried to resist but he was insistent so off we went and he dropped me right at the door. Unbelievable!


I continued to fight with travel admin that day but we met around 5pm again where we went for dinner at another cool local restaurant. Once again the food was amazing, and the conversation was great; however, this time I was planning to pay to say thanks for everything but alas when I went to the bar to pay, I was charged only for the extra mayonaaise I ordered, Tim had taken care of it again! Damn, next time I’ll be quick!


The best band in Estonia were playing a private concert to only 100 guests that night as a farewell before they toured Europe and become internationally famous. There was a gathering at Tim’s house where 15 of us were drinking wine and chatting, a cool group of cosmopolitan people – art dealers, tantric yoga instructors, tour guides. When the few tickets had been released, Tim had know I was going to be curfing with him so he had picked me up a ticket.


Off we went to the concert, where finally I managed to pay for a few beers for us. The concert was loads of fun in the back of a lowkey bar. I reckon the band really have a chance, think snow patrol meets coldplay.


The next day was my last day, so I did some things in the city, met a ‘fan’ of my site and then from around 3pm we planned to do some sightseeing too. Off we went to the park, bought some beers, walked around. Then into the old city, where I checked out the themede restaurant Old Hanse, we met some of Tim’s friends at their place, great people. Drank some red wine and made our way to the 24th floor of the Raddison hotel.


This is a bit of backpacking secret, not in any guide books. Drinks on the terrace on the roof, overlooking the Old Town of Tallinn, watching sunset. A great last evening.

sunset in tallinn

The next morning, almost predictably by this point, Tim drove me to the bus station, took me right up to the correct platform and set me on my way to Riga.


It’s often the people that make  the journey just as much as the sites you see. There’s no way I’d have gone to an Estonia rock concert, or been drinking on the roof of a skyscraper had I  not couchsurfed with my new pal, so thanks for everything mate!


Hope this convinces you guys to couchsurf too, it offers so many cool experiences that otherwise you’d never see. Getting drunk in a hostel with Americans and Brits may be fun sometimes, but it’s with the local people where the real traveling happens.


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10 thoughts on “A Great Couchsurfing Experience in Estonia

  1. Johnny you are doing great.i visit your page everyday. someone like me learns so much from your website
    i am writing blog about my is in Turkish. When i saw your blog,i start to write in English. i hope people like my first page my home town fairy land with fairy chimneys and rock formations used as a house,storeroom or hotel.I call it the flintstones, STILL PEOPLE LIVES IN A CAVE. Do you believe it?

  2. Wow! That sounds like a WONDERFUL experience… that I can only have by reading your post.

    You forgot to mention that couch surfing would probably NOT be advised for women. (I bet their experience would be a lot different.) But, if you don’t believe me, maybe you could get some of your female fellow travelers to try this on their own. I’d be very curious if this is safe for women. It’s not a feminist rant or criticism of mine, just a curiosity.

    I met several excellent guides on-line throughout Eastern Europe. But I was traveling with my husband & my kids. I’ve always wondered if I had been alone as a woman whether my experience would be different.


    1. hey barbara, cheers for commenting. I hear u about women but i think it’s ok actually IF they do their research, check out the people they’re staying with etc. If they’re really worried, perhaps only stay with other girls – have u ever used it before?

    2. I have been CSing for a number of years, and only once did I have to leave a Negative reference for a host. I tend to have to look for a host last-minute, so most of my hosts are male, other than that one idiot the rest were fine.

  3. Are you new to Csing? I don’t remember seeing it mentioned before Finland and Estonia… Anyway, glad you like it, I am a huge convert too and can’t travel any other way now.

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