couch surfing in estonia
How To Get Star Alliance Gold Statu...
How To Get Star Alliance Gold Status Faster?

A Great Couchsurfing Experience in Estonia

Couchsurfing is not about saving money, that’s not the essence of it at all, it’s about meeting like-minded people; it’s about sharing stories and learning cultures; it’s about paying it forward and it’s a...
lounge 24 estonia

How to Spend an Evening in Tallinn

Tallinn has garnered a bit of a reputation for loud, obnoxious stag (bachelor) parties coming for the weekend, getting drunk and naked and having a scrap, and while that may exist, you can easily avoid it and at least pretend to be above it...
Tallinn Old City

A Walking Tour in Tallinn, Estonia

I’ve been anticipating my arrival in the Baltic states for months, I’d heard that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were steeped in history, dripping with culture and that their cities were full of the most amazing architecture, a...

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