Booking tours with Headout; My Headout App Review

During my travels to every country in the world (197 for the record!), I’ve experimented a lot with finding the best way to organise trip and tours when I’m traveling. Day trips here, multi-day trips there. I find myself in Paris and wanting to visit the Eiffel Tower, or Rome and wanting to visit the Colosseum and take a tour of the Vatican City, but how do I go about it without spending a fortune. Or being ripped off? What’s the best way to make the most of my experience?

Back in my broke backpacking days, I would simply go there solo. Buy a ticket, join a super-long queue, wait for ages, visit the attraction and leave. And, to be honest, that worked for me. I couldn’t afford anything else! For sure it wasn’t the best way through. I didn’t learn anything about where I was! I also missed the best viewpoints, the best spots for photos, and for sure I didn’t get to skip any queues!

So what do I do now? Well now, I make sure I skip every queue I can. I make sure to learn more about where I am. I want to experience to best spots, and hidden nooks and crannies. And to do that, I book tours online. That how I stumbled across the Headout App (actually I first came across, and then downloaded the app).

head out app review
My Headout App Review/ Using Headout in Paris.

What Is Headout App

I was in Paris on my honeymoon recently, and I wanted to surprise my wife with a champagne dinner cruise on the Seine. Last minute, I scrambled to try to find something to book. Contacted a few places, no reply. Or sold out. Then I found the Headout App. I downloaded it, sorted out 2 tickets for the same evening within about 5 minutes, at a cheaper rate than through the operator themselves. Booked! The Seine Cruise was unreal by the way, but that’s not the point of this blog post!

So what is headout app? Well, you’ve probably come across some of their competitors. They’re basically an ‘aggregator’ of experiences. So any place you are traveling, you can hop on the Headout App and see what tours and activities they have partnered with in that city. I used them extensively through Europe and it was SUPER easy.

Here’s my wife and I on our private colosseum tour with access to the underground, booked with Headout:

How does Headout Work?

You can use Headout easily on both your phone, and your desktop.

Headout App on your phone

First, you hop on the app store (android or iOS) and download the ‘Headout’ app. Once there, you can log in traditionally, or with Google or Facebook. From here, it’s super simple!

The way I use it is by city. So when I’m in Rome, New York, Paris etc, I simply hop on to Headout App, click ‘search’, use the city (or town, or region) that I’m in and then scroll through the options. Normally you have an idea about what you want to book, so you can search directly for ‘Vatican city tour’ if you want too. But personally, i think it’s better to scroll through all the options, as there may be cooler stuff. Instead of booking ‘Vatican city tickets’, you may find one that includes a ‘Vatican city queue jump tickets for a just a couple of dollars more. That’s a better option for sure!

For ‘Rome’ it’ll bring up loads of options, then you simply choose the stuff you want to do:

Once booked, you get an email, and you get confirmation within the app. You’ll get phone numbers, and a meeting time and point. Couldn’t be easier.

Headout on desktop

Headout on the desktop is actually great on your desktop. I’m kinda old-school. I love having multiple tabs open, skipping between them, and researching. But some activity-aggregators have AWFUL websites. Headout is different. Similar to the app, once on, you sign in and then search by activity or location and get going.

Headout app desktop
Headout app desktop

Is Headout Legit?

Headout is already available in more than 60 cities. It has over 10,000 tours in its engine. They offer tickets, spas, queue jumps, dinners, walking tours, private tours, airport transfers, you name it, they’ll have it (almost!). You can check reviews from past travelers, but Headout does their due diligence in advance, so I’m happy enough to book tours with no reviews too. Over 100,000 people use the app each month, so your money is super safe too.

Headout Customer Service

The app functions 24 hours, so their customer service also functions 24 hours. I actually reached out to them about my Seine River cruise in Paris because it was so last minute and they got back to my via email within 10 minutes or so. Pretty amazing.

headout app legit
Us using headout in the Vatican city

My final thoughts on the Headout App

My Headout app review is a resoundingly positive one. The existing players in the market have got a little lazy, especially with their customer service, so to have a new kid on the block is great.

Their app is super easy to use, their prices are often cheaper than the operator themselves, or their competition. So that’s a huge win, and with over 5,000,000 past bookings, you can be sure to trust them. So headout app? You’ve won me over. You’re my go-to for booking tours around the world. Keep it up. My advice to anyone reading this? Download the app (or checkout Headout.Com directly) and give it a crack. You’ll regret not having used it before, and it will become a cornerstone of your future trips, I’m sure. Enjoy.

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