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Health and wellbeing is right at the top of the life’s priorities right now, which is great news. Whether it’s keeping your house in order (much easier when you Find house cleaning services here), or restructuring your holidays – I thought it was time to take a look at why this is happening.

Health and wellness is seen as they type of holidays that is going to dominate the market over the coming years, that is because more and more of us are choosing sports over sun loungers. Wellness tourism already accounts for over £2.5 trillion of the market – as the world becomes more health aware that number is only going to increase.

There are so many options to choose from these days, yoga retreats to adventure sports, detox to fitness – in the world of health and wellness holidays, there is one to suit just about everyone. You just need to look at the awesome company Health and Fitness Travel to see the huge array of options just waiting to make a holiday healthy!

Here are the main reasons why we’re choosing health and wellness for our holidays:

Amazing Destinations

It’s highly likely that you’ll end up in a place that you haven’t visited before, but the best part is that you’ll stay and visit the best places and see the most breathtaking views in the area because they’ll be carefully selected to get the most out of your trip. You can take your pick from pretty much anywhere in the world you can think of!

Level Up Your Fitness or Yoga

Sure we go to the gym or yoga class back home as much as we can but we’re constrained by other commitments, especially work. On a health and fitness holiday you get the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in your chosen activity/yoga for a week or two. This will definitely improve your ability and at the same time you will learn new techniques that you can take home with you. Make sure you show up fully focused to dive right in to the retreat, this will maximise your experience and your learning journey.

Be Surrounded By Experts

When you book a holiday with a company like Health and Fitness Travel you know that the leaders of each retreat are going to be experts. Not only are they leaders of sessions within the retreat, they are often leaders in their chosen field. Choosing to spend your holiday with these innovators gives you the chance to gain knowledge that will be invaluable. You’ll be able to practice your new yogo poses in your front room on your own yoga mat in no time.

Digital Detox

Some people think that their life would be worse if they didn’t have digital tech at their fingertips every second of the day. A retreat is the perfect place to hide the phone and focus on yourself. When we don’t check emails, social media and breaking news, it leads to a hugely nourishing digital detox. I personally feel brilliant when I am forced not to check my phone every minute, it’s great to disconnect, surprisingly it’s the people who use their phones most that end up benefitting the most. We all need to do it from time to time.

Hang Out With Like Minded People

When booking a specific retreat, it is 99.9% probable that it also appealed to other people who think the same as you. Spending so much quality time with these people will lead to real connection and you will make some long lasting friendships. This is probably one of the main things I love about the retreats that I have been on.

Step Outside The Comfort Zone

If you haven’t been to a retreat before the idea at first can seem a bit daunting, you get the idea that everyone there has done it loads of times and are experts – the fact is that everyone there is super friendly and welcoming. The best mindset to go into it with is to view the opportunities to grow and learn as being beneficial for your wellbeing. Remember that when you put your foot out of the comfort zone is when the real magic begins.

Recharge Those Batteries

I have returned from at least one holiday with the feeling that I needed to go on another just to get over the last! The opposite can be said when you return from a health and fitness retreat, you’ll have a fully recharged body ready to take on the world again and succeed at work. They are called a retreat for a reason – you really do retreat, relax, destress and improve your body and mind.

Eat Mouth Watering Healthy Food With No Hassle

If you didn’t eat healthy food on your retreat then it simply wouldn’t have as much impact, I think we all appreciate how good we feel when we eat healthy food and how sluggish we feel when we gorge on an unhealthy meal or two. On most of the retreats food is included in the price and on some at least a meal a day is. All of the meals provided or on offer are specifically designed to be full of nourishment and flavour. The last retreat I went on designed a meal plan tailored to my needs, all I did was answer a few questions and they did all the work – no hassle at all. The only bad thing about the food here is that you’ll start missing the delicious treats as soon as you leave because the chefs really are amazing, so try and get some recipes or ideas if you get the chance.

It Can Be Life Changing and Transformative

The main focus of your retreat will be around the activity you have chosen, but they will also allocate time to workshops where you can reflect, work on mindfulness and more. For many participants these activities can lead to a new outlook and direction on life moving forward. Is it even possible to put a price on a holiday that changes your life and improves it for years to come? My answer would definitely be no. The activities like yoga and detox are worth the price alone, so with these extra workshops you know that you’re getting true value for money.

We Deserve It

We work so hard these days and when we are not working we are rushing around the place – so our free time gives us the chance to invest in ourselves! Look at a retreat as a gift that you’re giving yourself. This gift allows you to rest, practice, reflect, relax and connect – that’s a gift that will keep on giving when you get back home.

Have any of the readers out there chosen a health and wellness holiday before? It’d be awesome to hear what you guys thought and especially what type you chose. As always leave your comments below and I’ll take a look at your recommendations.

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