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Life-Changing Experiences in California

If California was a country, it would be the fifth-largest economy on the planet, larger than India, France, and the United Kingdom. It would be the 36th most populous country on the planet, and it would boast a landmass that is larger than many countries. Understandably, there are a ton of amazing experiences to be had in California. Here are five things to do in California that might just change your life.


1. The Awe-Inspiring Experience of Visiting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Located in the southeastern corner of California, the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is breathtaking. From East to West it is approximately 25 miles wide, and 50 miles long north to south. It encompasses more than 60,000 acres. Within the park, there are more than 500 miles of roads. You are able to go up rocky hills, wade through deep sand, splash in scenic streams, and enjoy stunning wildflowers. Whether you want to hit paved roads on your bicycle or go off-road in your Jeep, you are assured to have an impressive experience that will build in you an appreciation for nature and its majesty like very few things can.


2. A Humbling Visit to the Ocean’s Gentle Giants

Whale watching is a once-in-a-lifetime and life-changing experience. It’s difficult to explain to someone who has not done it how humbling it is to be next to some of the largest creatures on the planet. When you go whale watching in San Diego, you get a close view of the impressive parade that is the migration of between 2,000 and 3,000 blue whales. These immense mammals can be up to 100 feet long and spout a column 30 feet high of water into the air. Seeing them from miles away is impressive, but having an experience with them being up close is humbling. Realizing that you are next to a creature that is larger than the vessel you are traveling in builds an appreciation for the immense power that exists in nature and can help one better understand their relative smallness when compared to nature. Getting a glimpse of these incredible leviathans is something that one will not soon forget.


3. Hike to See the Hollywood Sign

There are few landmarks that are as internationally known as the Hollywood sign. Seeing it from far away hides the impressiveness of this iconic landmark. The hike up to the sign looks deceptively easy. However, a combination of the steepness of the hike and exposure to the elements makes this 6.5-mile hike that leaves you at 1,700 feet of elevation a true challenge. Sitting next to the iconic Hollywood sign imbues one with a sense of history. Realizing what the sign has meant for so many generations and the impact it has had in shaping the world is enough to change one’s view of their place on the planet.


4. Stargazing on Salty Flats in Badwater Basin Death Valley

Badwater Basin is below sea level. This is a huge part of Death Valley. Laying on the flats in the middle of the night and gazing up at the stars is impressive, especially if you live in a city where the brightness of space is drowned out by lights. It is easy to get lost in the immensity of space. Laying there and looking out in the universe has caused many people to ponder the importance of mankind and the insignificance of our planet when compared with the great expanse.


5. A Visit to the Happiest Place on Earth

It is not uncommon for adults and children to be surprised at what an impact a visit to Disneyland can have. There is a reason why Disney has had such power in molding the lives of generations. It is the place where dreams are made. Going to Disneyland as an adult can cause one to feel a sense of nostalgia, which can lead to a reflection on the decisions that one has made in life up to this point and what their plans for the future are. Parents going with their children have the unique experience of seeing the wonders of Disney through a young person’s eyes.


After reading these five life-changing experiences one can have when visiting California, you will no doubt want to add a visit to the Sunshine State to your bucket list.

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