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I’m currently writing this on a train from Beijing to Ulaan Baator, Mongolia on the first leg of the Trans Siberian Express. I’m in a 4 bed carriage with 2 guys that are fast becoming close friends of mine,   I didn’t even know these dudes 4 months ago, they had no plans to go to Mongolia, Russia or Kazakhstan – yet here we are, and I’m loving it.


done be scared
Don't be afraid to ask...

I had planned to do this journey about 6 months ago and although I was happy to go alone, as Alexander Supertramp put it “True happiness is only known when shared” so to share the journey is a blessing indeed. Should I consider myself fortunate to have bumped into these guys in Korea 4 months ago? Perhaps. Am I lucky that they were in a position to join me on my epic journey? Maybe. But look at it from a very different angle.


Grasping opportunities when they appear is something I highly advocate, you should never miss your chance. However, creating opportunities is an even more fruitful endeavor. One that is much more difficult to do.


A huge portion of creating opportunities comes down to dampening fears – fears of rejection, fears that your idea isn’t worthwhile, fears that you’ll be ostracized.  Forget that. That mindset will never bring us to where we wanna be, we need to ask, ask and ask again. The worst someone can say is no, but what if they say yes? And then yes again, and the next person says yes? Suddenly we may find ourselves exactly where we wanted, where we dreamed of being. Is that a risk worth taking? Damn sure it is, so take the risk and see what happens. If you want something, ask for it. If you want someone to do something, ask them. Be kind, be considerate but be open and direct too.


So when I was in Korea, and I met these two guys, within 5 days I had asked them to join me on my adventure across Asia and into Europe. One had a job so he couldn’t, the other had plans in Vietnam but before I knew it, they both had thought about it, realised this was a once in a lifetime chance and here we all are, with potential lifelong friendships, living our dreams, with only the open road in front of us. Now imagine what we’d all be doing had I never asked…

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0 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

  1. I’m so jealous. The timing just wasn’t right for me… You’ve been on this trip for a bit now – how do you think it would have differed if you had gone at it alone?

    1. i’ll never know i guess mate, but it’s much better to travel with good friends, i certainly believe that 🙂

  2. Mongolia,Russia,Kazakhstan, Johnny, a long way from Room 36, safe journeys where ever you are, always look forward to your travel blogs

    1. thanks so much Mr C 🙂 a long way, right! but the world isn’t so big these days, i should be back in ireland by the end of the year, hope to see u then

  3. I stumbled upon your website by luck while I was browsing around the net researching for my next trip to Hong Kong and Macao. I’ve read several of your articles, and so far I’m loving it!
    You write in such a way that I could relate and since you do it while enjoying your trip and with passion, each of your article feels ‘alive’ 🙂

    This article kinda knocks me hard on the head, thus I leave the comment here.
    It is so true that it is fear that always obstruct our way to achieve what we want.
    I had huge fear on doing my first solo trip, but I did it anyway and I enjoyed every moment of it!
    So defeat fear, and do it anyway! worst thing you can get is a valuable lesson and experience – wait, they aren’t worst at all 😉

    1. hey lisa, thanks for checking out my site and cheers for the love 🙂 where did u go for your first trip? any other travel plans?!

      1. Hey Johnny, thanks for the reply. 😉
        I went for Korea for my first solo trip. The dread was not knowing the language and being alone for a week, but in the end, I just buckled up and did it anyway. It was one fun week!
        My next trip will be Hong Kong and Macao next month, and hoping to go to Japan or Australia in October/November.

        By any chance you ever come to Singapore, look me up, I would love to hear more stories from you 🙂

        Have a safe journey… 🙂

        1. wow, hongkong macau – cool places! and japan or australia?! you’ve got an exciting year ahead – hope you have a great time! i might be in singapore soon so stay tuned 😛

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