My Ultimate Guide to Travel Tech for 2022

The adventurous days of hitting the road armed with just a backpack and a trusted copy of Lonely Planet are long gone. 

The beginnings of smartphone technology marked a real change in the way we travel and discover the world. That’s not to say we’re not adventurous anymore, we certainly are. Just that travelers these days have access to a whole host of technologies that can make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable. 

After all, why rely on an outdated print map of a city’s center (in your guidebook from three years prior) when you can view an interactive version with in-built GPS navigation on your phone?

It’s not all about phones and apps though; there are plenty of other tech-forward travel products making the journey better. Without further ado, here’s my round-up of the very best travel tech for 2022.

Portable battery packs

One downside to running all your travel, bookings, and activity schedule on a phone is that running out of battery can put a real dampener on your plans. It helps to be prepared by carrying a portable battery pack with you. 

These nifty little devices allow you to charge your devices on the go, and with some boasting hours of juice per charge, you know you can rely on them to get you through the day — just don’t forget your cables!

My top pick: The XXL Mophie Powerstation, it’s not the cheapest option available, but it is reliable, which is what you need when you’re off discovering new worlds and cultures. 

Smart suitcases

Retractable handles and smooth-rolling, 360-degree wheels are great, but in 2022 the suitcase is set to have a major overhaul. Although smart suitcases have been on the market for a while, the initial lack of competition meant the prices were too high for many. Now though, more options mean better price points, and I think smart suitcases are gadgets that are about to have a major moment. 

Options include bags with USB charging ports, GPS locators, motorized wheels, so you don’t have to push or pull, and much more. If you travel with a suitcase, try a smart option this year. 

My top pick: The Andiamo Classico weighs in at around 10 pounds, but its weight (not the lightest option) hasn’t put off its many reviewers, who rave about this bag.

Portable surge suppressors

Expensive gadgets and unknown and/or unreliable electricity systems make for a questionable union. Portable surge protectors ensure your gear is safe and sound, no matter how dodgy the local wiring is!

My top pick: The Belkin Protected has enough ports for all your devices, even if your hotel room only has one plug.

Digital action cameras

You want a camera that can take a few hard knocks, one that’s as up for any adventure on the cards as you are. Today, there are myriad options available with specs and features that run the gamut from basic to highly advanced. 

My top pick: The original and perhaps the best action camera, the GoPro Hero can go diving, skiing, whitewater rafting, you name it!


Sure, we all love the feel of a traditional paperback book in our hands, but even the most bookish among us would admit that books can add some real weight to your bags. E-readers are the way forward for travelers who read regularly; they offer a bigger screen than your phone, have batteries that last for yonks and yonks, and can be read in the dark comfortably.

My top pick: The Kindle Oasis, not the cheapest Kindle available, but its super sharp screen means comfy reading and it’s also incredibly lightweight.

Ready to pack your bags, or at least pack all your new travel tech into your new smart suitcase? Whether you shop for these products online or in-store, check out ExpressVPN’s guide to ensure a safe shopping experience.

Hit the road in style in 2022, gear up, get out there, and enjoy the journey. Happy travels!

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