How To Get An Onward ticket for Flights, Visa etc. OneWayFly Review

Sometimes when we travel we need to apply for visas. Annoyingly those applications sometimes require proof of an onward ticket, EVEN THOUGH WE DON’T PLAN TO LEAVE, OR USE THAT FLIGHT!

So especially as Covid-19 seems to finally be under control in many parts of the world, travelers are on the move once again in a big way. People have been cooped up for way too long and that human desire to get out into the world and explore can’t be held back any longer.

But with countries like Thailand and Mexico requiring proof of an onward ticket, how do we get around that without actually spending a fortune on an onward ticket that we don’t plan to use? One word. This way you avoid having to actually buy an onward flight, but simply ‘rent’ one for 2 weeks. Easy. My onewayfly review should help you understand how it all works.

business class upgrade with points
No need to actually fly on your onward ticket, don’t worry!

Easy proof or onward tickets and travel

Even as Covid-19 cases fall and as borders open up, lots of countries have tightened their rules and restrictions for travelers entering their borders. In many cases, these rules are difficult to understand and keep track of. It’s especially difficult for backpackers and digital nomads who spend a lot of their time bouncing between countries, rather than just going to one destination at a time. You often need proof of your future travel plans, with verifiable future bookings, to get into the country. Eurgh.

Why do you need proof of an onward ticket?

Good question! Well, in some of the most restrictive cases, in order to get a visa or the correct Covid-19 permissions to enter a country, like Mexico or Thailand for example, travelers need to show proof of a return or onward flight, at a minimum.

Even if you don’t need a visa to enter, many countries will require you to show proof of onward travel so they can be sure you’ll leave when you’re supposed to. Plus, depending on your destination, many airlines won’t even allow you to board their outbound flight without proof of an onward ticket.

Proof of hotel bookings too?

Lately, with Covid-19, travelers sometimes need to have hotel reservations in place, especially to abide by the country’s track and trace programs. These requirements can be a major headache for travelers who prefer to fly into a country on a one-way ticket and then see where the wind takes them. You don’t want to waste your time, or money, on actually booking all this stuff and then risk not being able to cancel. Don’t worry, there is an easy solution.

No need to book actual flights and hotels!

If you prefer to travel with as few plans in place as possible then these rules and requirements are a disaster. Sure, you could book a return ticket and change the date as plans change but that can be expensive and, worse, it can be very difficult and even more expensive to pay to change a departure city. So if you’re on the move and not sure where you’re heading, as with many travelers and digital nomads, then booking a return ticket is a crapshoot and you could end up throwing your money away.

OneWayFly provides onward tickets and hotel bookings

This is where OneWayFly comes in.

They offer a unique service where you can create airline and hotel bookings through their website that are real bookings but that doesn’t come with the cost of actually booking a ticket with an airline or hotel.

For as low as €18.90, OneWayFly’s service allows you to ‘rent’ an airline ticket or hotel booking for up to 14 days.

You can use their proof of a booking, including valid PNR numbers for flights and booking references for hotels, to apply for visas and to satisfy any new Covid rules and requirements for your destination country.

How it works:

OneWayFly has a 4.5 out of 5 star ranking with Trust Pilot and you can actually use your PNR flight code to verify your booking on the airline’s own website.

So whether you need a flight (or hotel) booking for a visa application online, or at an embassy OR you need to show proof of an onward flight at the airport, these guys have you covered. They supply all that for you.

Proving onward travel and hotel bookings has been a thorn in the side for backpackers for decades and now there’s a solution that will allow travelers the freedom to decide their plans on the go without the threat of massive change fees.

Verifiable itinerary

Booking a ticket through OneWayFly gives you a verifiable itinerary with trusted airlines or proof of an accommodation booking that is valid for 14 days.

All you have to do is head over to their website, fill in the details of the route, date, and passenger details that you require on your booking. And then your booking will be delivered to your email inbox within eight hours of your order. They can show their cheap one way flights bookings for you on pretty much every airline. And any in any hotel.

I hope my review has helped you see that it’s an amazing service, especially for those of us who prefer to travel without too many set plans in place. This service opens up a lot of possibilities to travel to more restrictive places, give them the proof they need to see, and then to focus on what’s important – traveling, exploring, and having fun.

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