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As my audience grows, and my social media grows, brands contact me all the time asking to work together, and 100% of the time I say no, other than  Momondo and FitBit, 2 brands I personally used for years with no endorsement. I promised myself when I was broke, when only my mum and sister read this blog, I wouldn’t partner up with just any brands when the money came knocking, and I’ve stayed true to that.

large minority
The Lanka Challenge

Equally, I’m not the kinda guy who normally goes on tours,  so to do something like that, it’s gotta be PRETTY epic! A trip to North Korea, or a ship to Antarctica,   the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, or building playgrounds in Cambodia for my own charity.


I have a travel friend who also lives in Bangkok, Ric from, and when he told me about a trip he took a couple of years ago racing (yup, you read that right!) a tuktuk across Cambodia, it sounded like exactly the sort of trip I wanted to do. I asked more and more about it, found the company who ran the tour ( Large Minority) and reached out to Julian the co-founder. I discovered that they don’t only race tuktuks around Cambodia, but also around Sri Lanka, and boats through the Phillipines, and down the Amazon! Anyway, I was keen to sign up for the TukTuk race in Sri Lanka so we met for coffee, then chatted on skype time and time again. I mentioned about my life as a blogger, my journey to every country in the world, and about how you guys, my audience, would love this exact type of travel. Before we knew it, we had agreed to work together with me acting as Large Minority’s first ever Brand Ambassador!


The company found a really awesome niche, ‘adventure flashpacking’. So each trip is an awesome adventure, the kind of thing you tell your grandchildren about, a trip of a lifetime to share with your friends or family. Seriously cool. But you’re not a backpacker anymore, you’re not living off $10 for a change, you want to spend a couple of weeks doing something epic, or you work online and you want a challenge. You want to get off the beaten track, but you don’t want to slum it in a 10 bed dorm. Adventure flashpacking. The greatest type of travel there is!

Right now they run 4 trips, and I plan to do ALL of them, hopefully multiple times. Check them out:


Indiana Jones time. Making your way through the depths of the rainforest, and the river from the Colombian Amazon to Peru and Brazil. Kayaking, dugout canoes, trekking. 8 days, competing against other teams, completing fun challenges but awesome jungle accommodation each night. Boom. This is travel rock’n’roll. They have a trip coming up super soon actually, so if you want a life changing adventure, or are already in South America, check it out!

NEXT TRIP: 17th to 24th March 2017


Yes, yes, yes! Not gonna say too much about this right now because I’m going to blog about it in depth in a few days, but flying into Sri Lanka and racing the other teams around the north of the country…. in a tuktuk! I CANNOT wait for this trip, they still have a couple of team spots left (2 or 3 per team), so check it out and come race me!

NEXT TRIP: Last 10 days of April 2017


The trip that started it all. This is how I heard about the company, a tuktuk race from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, through the heart of Cambodia, all 900km of it, how awesome does that sound?! For sure I’ll be doing this soon, 2017 maybe but if not, then 2018 100%!

NEXT TRIP:  21st to 29th October 2017


The newest addition to this awesome companies adventure portfolio, and it’s a beauty. Sailign your own boat (with local crew) for 9 days through the paradise islands of the Philippines, climbing coconut trees, fishing for your dinner and cracking beers at sunset, this is one of the true adventurers! So high on my bucket list it’s untrue. Oh and it’s ok for beginners too (thankfully, I have no idea about sailing, but that won’t stop me!)

NEXT TRIP: November 2017



With the huge success of my charity, the GiveBack GiveAway, I only want to partner with a company that’s doin’ it right. Julian and the guys at Large Minority are certainly doing that! 10% of every $1 the guys make goes to grassroot charities in the countries they trips are run, that is a beautiful pledge. Over $100k has been raised through the people racing around these countries and the company itself, that’s seriously impressive stuff. They have a huge tree-planting initiative organised, English language initiatives and music & art projects. Perfect, great work guys!


Right, check out all those videos, click on the sites to see the dates, and then let’s have some trips that’ll blow our minds,  memories that we can retell for the rest of our lives. I’m SO SO excited to work with these guys, and starting with the Lanka challenge, followed hopefully by Cambo or Philippines later in the year, I’m ready to hit 2017 in style. What are your travel plans for 2017? And how were your 2016 travels? If you don’t have something epic to talk about, this is your chance. Jump on board and see you on the road!

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8 thoughts on “Racing a TukTuk around Sri Lanka! My brand ambassadorship with Large Minority!

  1. What a wonderful pictures and videos you shared. Amazing article and post. A lot of awesome adventures. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    Great job. Keep it up.

  2. In my opinion, I don’t see any problem to have a race in Sri Lanka at all if charities will one who benefit from it added to that it is fun!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I once raced some friends around Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. We each got in a different tuk tuk and asked our drivers to get us back to the hostel as quickly as possible over a very bumpy road. It was hilarious, if a little irresponsible!

  4. Great to see this write up!! A lot of awesome adventures. I am a big fan of Large Minority and the CamboChallenge is an incredible adventure. Furthermore, Large Minority has a giant commitment to responsible travel. Disappointing to read the uninformed comments from Robbo above.

  5. Please, not Sri Lanka. Please, we beg of you. How uncouth! and Alarming… a bunch of foreign yobbos, terrorising towns, terrorising local people, drinking like there is no tomorrow ( think how sad Thailand and Bali are because of bastards like this ). Please stop this now. This is so-not like Sri Lanka. Go home or do it in Thailand or Bali or even better still, go and trash your own backyard instead of mine. In other words, bugger- off

    1. A) You’re an idiot

      B) That’s not what we’re doing, we’ll be providing help and funding to local charities as well as having fun, something I’d imagine you have never done, leaving our presence more welcome than yours

      C) If we were doing that, why should Bali and Thailand be any more acceptable than Sri Lanka? Why do you think Indonesians (world’s biggest Muslim country) or Thai’s deserve yobbish behaviour any more than Sri Lanka? Oh cos ‘Robbo’ lives there?

      D) We’ll be encouraging and promoting tourism in Sri Lanka globally, something that will help their economy

      E) Thanks for being a grumpy expat who wants to be the only foreigner in the village

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