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Traveling to Europe from any other continent will put you in front of a different culture and a lifestyle that is quite different than what you are used to. Whether you want to start a blog about travelling to Europe or you just want to visit for leisure, there are many things you should know. We can talk about this for a really long time but in many cases you will want to mainly focus on the following bits of information to make the experience much more interesting for you.

Saving Money First

You surely want the experience to be as awesome as possible. If you can save money that means you manage to easily experience so much more that the visited country has to offer. Basically, there are 2 main options to save money when you travel to Europe:

  • Try to live like locals do – Eat and stay in places that are affordable.
  • Travel to the cheaper locations – For instance, you can travel to Southern Spain, Berlin or Portugal instead of Paris.

Eat At Places That You Carefully Select

Most of the money spent when staying for a long period of time in one destination will be directed towards food. It is so tempting to consider some Michelin 5 star restaurants but in many cases they are not actually as great as people want. You can easily end up with average quality food and a taste that is not so special. It is important to conduct a good research and you want to experience some of the local food. The great thing about local food is that it is normally much cheaper than international cuisine.

Wine Is Highly Popular

If you travel to most European countries and you do not taste the local wines you are missing out on a true delight. Wine in Europe is normally really cheap and does taste a lot better than what many expect. Remember that there are normally various wine tasting options you can take advantage of. The internet offers the reviews you need to make very good choices.

When you want to taste great wine you will travel to some wine places, restaurants, pubs or bars. Keep in mind that in many countries on the continent smoking is still allowed indoors. This may be a surprise if you come from a destination where indoor smoking is prohibited.

A Really Friendly Atmosphere

One of the best things about Europe is that the locals are normally going to be really friendly. Also, most people do have this tendency to want to hang out. It is quite rare to find a country or a city where people do not go out and hang out with their friends. There are many different piazzas and plazas that will be filled with locals and tourists. A great thing about Europeans is they do make time to spend with people that they care about. They also make time for meeting new people. This includes tourists. You can have a lot of fun in the country when you consider doing things that the locals do.


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