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As there seems to be new and improved tools coming out each year, there are usually some cool new gadgets that deserve to be added to the recommended travel gear list.

Let’s Get Technical

Although this may be more of a business travel item, it is definitely worth getting on the travel wish list. In a world of smart technology and increased connectivity, it was just a matter of time before someone came out with a smart bag. The Blue Smart carry-on luggage is exactly that. Not only does the bag contain outlets to charge your electronic devices, which is pretty handy in an airport full of people with so very few outlets. The bag also contains a built-in scale to accurately weigh your luggage to avoid overweight fees, and it pairs with iOS and Android apps with a location tracker.

Now Back to Practical

It’s always good to include a good pair of all terrain boots. Whether you end up hiking through the rainforest, skiing in the Alps, or merely walking around European urban landscapes on a rainy day, having an all-purpose, durable shoe or boot will go a very long way. You want to be able to enjoy everything that your travel experience has to offer, and then only way to do that is to make sure that you have the footwear that can handle anything that your trip may throw your way.


Time to Get Sensible

Although the majority of people tend to use their smartphones for everything these days (including telling the time), there is one place that your smartphone just cannot go…the water. I remember laying out in the water on a blow-up mattress and feeling frustrated that I had to keep paddling back to shore to check the time. I knew that I couldn’t miss my shuttle to the airport, but I also wasn’t about to miss out on my last day of beach bliss. That’s why this guide to good quality waterproof watches is great to read, so you can find a timepiece that you can splash about with in the pool or the beach.

Resting Comfortably

Some can simply never sleep on planes or trains, which can be a big problem when you’re traveling and have long flights or train rides ahead of you. I have ear plugs, my headphones, and a sleep mask to cover my eyes, but it seems like such a hassle at times. Plus I can’t use my earphones and earplugs at the same time, and earphones are not usually comfortable enough to fall asleep with. Enter the SleepPhones all-in-one system. It is a cozy headband with built-in earphones that solve most of the problems mentioned above. If it could also double as an eye mask, then it really would be the perfect travel gear item!

The SleepPhones system can plug into the plane entertainment system to access the music, or it can be plugged into mp3 players, phones, tablets, computers, or pretty much any media device that you may use.


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