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The Most Popular Websites in Thailand 

Google remains the most popular website in Thailand with its local search engine ( taking the top spot, while the main search website (.com) sits third on the list. Microsoft also has a strong presence in the country with its Windows Live platform taking the second place, while MSN occupies the eighth place. 

Interestingly, Hi5, which enjoys a third place on the list, is the most popular social networking website, followed by Facebook. Considering the massive increase in Facebook users in Thailand this year, it seems to be a case of when not if Facebook surpasses the current leader. 

YouTube is the most visited video site, taking the sixth position, while Sanook and Pantip, both of which feature popular forums, sit seventh and ninth in the table respectively.

Yahoo wraps up the list of top ten most visited. Some of the most notable websites down the list include Blogger (11th), WordPress (28th), Live Journal (96th), Bing (59th), Manager (17th), Bloggang (22nd), Flickr (69th) (96th), and (27th). 

Twitter occupies the 30th place, although this doesn’t reflect users in Thailand as Alexa’s rank only takes into account the traffic on and ignores those that use third-party Twitter apps and services without visiting its main website. 

E-Commerce Platforms 

Thailand has the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the most engaged online populations, which has contributed a great deal to its well-developed e-commerce market. 

Most brick-and-mortar brands and 100% e-commerce platforms are competing for the lucrative market share. This includes gaming Thailand websites, which are looking to tap into the growing market. With that said, we cannot end this list without covering the most visited e-commerce platforms in Thailand. 

  • Lazada Thailand 

Lazada is an e-commerce leader in Thailand. It also operates in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It is basically an online department store as well as a marketplace where retailers can sell their products. 

Founded by Rocket Internet in 2011, Lazada sold a controlling stake and operation in Southeast Asia in 2016 to Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. 

The website has an estimated traffic of 44.9 million visits every month. 

  • Shopee Thailand 

Shopee is an important player in the Southeast Asia e-commerce market, especially in mobile-first countries. It is primarily a mobile online shop also offering regular online shopping experience. Apart from being a major platform in the region, Shopee also operates in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. 

Shopee receives an estimated traffic of 30.1 million visits every month. 

  • JIB 

JIB is a department store in Thailand that specializes in computer and IT products. It operates its own e-commerce websites and has emerged the leading online shop that specializes in technology products and gadgets. 

The website receives an estimated traffic of 2.3 million visits every month.

  • Chilindo

Chilindo is an e-commerce platform that specializes in auctions. Users can place bids and pay the correct price for a diverse range of products from different categories. This includes home and gardening products, fashion and accessories, electronics and gadgets, family and kids, health, beauty, travel, and sports. 

The website receives an estimated traffic of 1.75 million visits per month.

  • Advice 

Advice is a wholesale distributor and retailer of smartphones and IT products. It has 350 locations in Thailand and Laos. A leading online distributor of IT goods, Advice boasts of one of the most visited e-commerce platforms in Thailand. 

The website receives an estimated traffic of 1.6 million visits every month.

  • Power Buy 

Power Buy operates a chain of stores in Thailand that specialize in the retail of IT products, electrical appliances, electronics products, and mobile phones. With 90 locations in Thailand, Power Buy has also unveiled its e-commerce website and become a player in the online retail sector. 

The website receives an estimated traffic of 1.5 million visits per month.

  • JD Central 

JD Central is an e-commerce platform that offers a diversified range of products, especially in categories such as fashion, electronics and gadgets, health and beauty, and kids and family. It is a partnership between, a Chinese e-commerce website, and Central Group, a Thailand retail conglomerate. 

The e-commerce platform receives an estimated traffic of 1.2 million visits every month.

  • Se-ed

Initially a magazine and book publishing company, Se-ed has its own e-commerce platform and has become a leader in the online sales of books in Thailand. It also sells other related items and other diverse categories.

The platform receives an estimated traffic of 1.2 million visits per year.

  • Central 

Central is a chain of department stores in Thailand. It has its own e-commerce platform to compete with other platforms, with a wide range of products from fashion and beauty to decoration and home on offer. 

The platform receives an estimated traffic of 1.2 million visits every month 

  • HomePro

HomePro was founded in 1995, and it’s currently the leading home improvement retail chain in Thailand. The retail chain has developed its e-commerce platform where it sells a wide range of family and home equipment, tools and accessories.

The e-commerce platform receives an estimated traffic of 1.15 million visits per month.


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