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Sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation. They can be packed with hustling crowds, tight schedules, and tourist traps.

Remote destinations might not have the most famous monuments or must-see attractions, but they do offer peace and adventure. 

For your next trip, skip the busy streets of New York and London and choose one of these top secluded paradises instead. 

Aogashima, Japan

When you think of Japan, you immediately imagine the bright lights and high-tech atmosphere of Tokyo. But, Japan has some of the most beautiful countrysides to explore. This one just happens to be an active volcano island. 

If you choose to fly into the island you will be boarding a 20-minute helicopter ride from the nearest developed island of Hachijojima that is 71 km north. The aerial view may give you the impression of arriving at Jurassic Park. 

The only other way to reach this destination is by a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride, which can be unpredictable with the rough conditions of the Philippine Sea. 

Once you arrive at this tiny island home to 200+ people, you will notice its simplicity. The two small, modestly structured villages don’t have much but a few Japanese bed and breakfasts (minshukus), a pub, a school, and a post office. 

This might be one of the ultimate destination weddings if your guests like camping while curling up to the warmth of a volcano. 

Crescent Lake, China

No, that is not a mirage. It really is a lake village in the middle of the Gobi Desert. 

This 2,000-year-old lake gets its water from the natural spring that provides drinking water to its residents. However, the lake began sinking in the 1970s, so the government has been maintaining the water supply. 

Visitors come by shuttle or by camel to slide down the dunes of the Echoing-Sand Mountain. They stay to watch the sunrise glisten over the golden sand then reflect off the lake during sunset. 

During the day, when you’re not enjoying the vast landscape around you, there are several activities to enjoy. Dune surfing, motorcycling, and four-wheeling all take advantage of the huge sandpit. 

The closest hotels are in Dunhuang 4 miles from the lake. Here you will find modest hotel resort fees and tours to the desert. 

Montserrat, Caribbean

If you have some travel vouchers that you are itching to cash in, why not help reestablish the tourism of a town reviving itself after a bright history destroyed by a natural disaster?

In the 1970s, Montserrat enjoyed a fair share of tourism including famous musicians like the Beatles, who built a studio on the island. The studio thrived for years, bringing others like Elton John and Michael Jackson to its beaches. 

However, in 1989 Hurricane Hugo destroyed almost half the island, evacuated many of the locals, and ruined its tourism. Then in 1995, the 500-year calm of the volcano ended with several small eruptions that lasted for 2 years. 

While these events hindered the land, it is beginning to see a comeback. The other half of the island that survived the disasters is thriving with a white, sandy beach and water activities without the large crowds.

You can also observe the volcano and evacuated zone from a safe distance. 

Remote Destinations for the Adventure Seeker

Traveling to remote destinations usually means taking a little bit of a risk and sacrificing some luxury. But, if you are an adventure seeker who wants to escape during your vacation, these trips are just for you. 

For more exciting places to travel, visit the adventure section of the blog.


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