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It’s true that Aussies tend to do things a bit differently compared with the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean that you’ll need special training before going to Australia though. Just like with any other country you visit, you’ll need to get up to date with their customs and that’s exactly what this article covers. We’ve thrown a couple of really helpful tips in order to blend in and make new friends when going Down Under.

You can Find All Kinds of Summer

Thanks to its geographical position, Australia is the only country where you can experience all kinds of summers. Actually, almost every city provides a different type of this season that, for most of us, has only one face. If you want to experience a dry summer then Perth is the place you want to be. Brisbane offers a much more humid experience during summertime while Hobart in Tasmania offers a rather cold summer. If you’re planning on more than just a short trip and can’t get enough sun and warmth, Darwin is the city you should live in. Here you can enjoy a year-long summer so you won’t have to worry about packing clothes for colder weather.

Australia is Huge

It’s not just a figure of speech. Australia is really a very large country. To get a clearer idea, a plane ride from Perth to Brisbane will last more than five hours. And if you’re planning to do the same trip by car, get ready for a three-days drive. This means that you need to plan your trip carefully and make sure you don’t waste more time travelling from one spot to another than you do admiring the superb Australian landscape and culture.

Wildlife Isn’t All Deadly and You Won’t Find Everywhere

If you surf the internet for an hour on Australian-related topics you will surely get more than one ‘everything tries to kill you’ memes. Well, the reality is actually a bit different. It’s true that wildlife is wider spread in Australia than other countries thanks to the massive unpopulated aeries of the country. However, if you’re expecting to see kangaroos on the street, you might need to reconsider. Also, while there are enough dangerous creatures out there, you need to go deep into their territory to be at risk.

To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

If you’re a heavy smoker headed to Australia, you’ll definitely need a back-up plan. Smoking is not cheap and some packs of cigarettes will cost you over $40. On the other hand, it’s a great place to visit if you need help quitting. But if you want to hang on to this habit, you need to plan ahead and make sure your financial situation can sustain such an expensive habit. Or, you can try to bring your cigarettes with you, however, you’d better read the following paragraph as well.

Australian Borders Can be Very Strict

There’s the common impression that Aussies are quite laid-back people that enjoy their online pokies a lot. And that’s true, however, you might want to check the list of prohibited stuff before you cross their borders. You won’t be able to get passed their borders with common stuff like vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, seeds, skins or even medication unless it is declared by your doctor in an official letter. Going back to cigarettes, the government of Australia only allows 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of tobacco per adult person.

Even though the things you read about in this article aren’t all that positive, especially for smokers, a truly helpful travel blog should also contain such info. Bottom line about traveling to Australia is that, as long as you use common sense and get proper info, you’ll have a blast.


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