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I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase ‘timeshare’ but do you really know what it means and the benefits that come with it? I have had a timeshare for a while now and not once has the thought crossed my mind to sell my timeshare.

A timeshare is a fantastic choice for families and there are many reasons to prove it, here are 5 reasons why I think it’s the best option for families that love to holiday.

It makes financial sense for large families

If you love to head back to the same location each year then the price of an apartment or hotel room for your family can really add up. If you have a timeshare, purchased or rented, it can work out much more cost effective as opposed to booking several rooms for a week long holiday.

Quality is consistent

One problem our family has found is that the quality of hotels usually goes down each year. A time share property usually is maintained throughout the year and the quality will remain consistent. I have never arrived at a time share property and found that it is run down or below the standard I was expecting. Timeshare value is key to the owners so they make sure that everything is in top condition.

Amenities On Site

I have found that timeshares are pretty much as good as staying in a resort because there are always various amenities on site. If you want a beach holiday then it’ll be easy to find a property with a beach on your doorstep. There are places with golf course onsite, pools, spas, saunas and playgrounds. I love the resort feel you get in a timeshare, with a family it makes it much easier to stay in one place and you avoid all the drama of having to go to multiple places in search of entertainment.

These 3 reasons are just some of many as to why timeshares are perfect for families. Make sure you do your research before purchasing and chat to friends to get some honest advice before finalizing any decision. The good news is that you may even make a little extra money from your timeshare that will give you more money to spend when you’re on holiday.

Do you have a timeshare or are you thinking about it? I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts, all you have to do is pop your musings down in the comment section below this article – I am really looking forward to reading them guys!


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