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Top Most Desirable Countries to Study Medicine in 2021

In the times of a global Pandemic, the demand is high for many things. The stores sell out on essential sanitary products, pasta boxes, and the sales of face masks have skyrocketed like never before. However, ultimately a Pandemic will come to an end, and the need for products once so desired will accordingly cease. Regardless of any supply and demand shifts for everyday items once in a while, virtually all countries will encourage their citizens to become doctors, and this state of affairs is unlikely to change in the near future. 

Even though medicine is considered to be an exceptionally competitive field of study, there are numerous options for pursuing a degree in the medical field around the world. 

We prepared a list of the most desirable countries to study medicine in 2021:



1.The US

We’ve all heard about the famous Ivy Leagues colleges, but precisely how prestigious is a graduate’s degree from any of these places? Well, according to the QS World University Ranking, Harvard University was once again acclaimed as the top university in the world to study medicine. US universities managed to secure six spots in the top 10 medical schools worldwide ranking. As a result, it is pretty unambiguous that the United States is an excellent place to do degree if you are interested in the field of medicine.


2. The UK

Not far behind the prestigious Harvard, there are two English universities: the University of Oxford ranked second and the University of Cambridge just behind those two. The globally known research colleges are not only acclaimed as the top universities in the world to study medicine at (or any subject). They are also a member of the renowned UK Russell Group, which is known to achieve high outputs of research results. 

University College London (UCL) was placed in 8th place. The central London university is internationally known for its excellent education and rigorous selection process, requiring exceedingly exceptional results for its admission. For the most part, UK medical universities are known for their demanding admission processes. They require the top grades from subjects such as biology and maths to secure a spot and admit to selecting candidates with some form of relevant experience or other entrance examinations. 

The prestigious medical degree from a university in the United Kingdom provides an opportunity for numerous pathways. That’s what makes it one of the most desired countries in the world in which to study medicine.


3. Canada

Canada can be proud of its diverse culture, charming landscapes, and the character from Grey’s Anatomy –  Dr. Cristina Yang. However, that’s not all – we can also shine a spotlight on its prestigious reputation for having many of the top-notch medical universities worldwide. Canadian students wanting to pursue a career in the medical fields are required to have completed a degree in biological studies (except the Quebec province, which will accept students with a 1-year diploma program). 

International students have to face the challenging Medical College Admission Test, which determines their rudiment if they’re to undertake the study of medicine. Its rigorous teaching program leaves no questions as to why The University of Toronto is considered to be one of the best in the world at which to study Medicine. In the renowned QS Medical University world ranking, it can be found in 13th place.


4. Australia

Australia is not only desserts and kangaroos, but also a superior education! The University of Melbourne is considered one of the best in the world to study medicine, ranking in 16th place, directly followed by the University of Sydney! A combination of sun rays, the Bondi beach, and an excellent education – what else can you wish for? 

The medical programs in Australia range usually from four to six years, followed by an internship period of one year. It leaves it to no surprise that the country has seen such an increase in international students applying for a place in their medical courses. 


5. France

Medical universities in France are recognized for their teaching approach, concentrating on the renowned, age-old medical tradition. It is home to incredible historic architecture and delicious food, and some of the most distinguished universities in the world. 

Students aspiring to study Medicine in France need to dedicate 9 years to fully complete their medical degree, with 2 years of education, 4 years of training, and another 3 of hospital training. Even though the program is considered to be one of the longest in the world, the competition is fierce. The Sorbonne Universite Faculty of Medicine in Paris is known for its low admission rate, which is explainable by its long-lasting history of its Faculty of Medicine, which has housed numerous Nobel laureates and acclaimed physicians.



Whether you prefer the warmer climates of Australia, or you’re more inclined to live in the European capitals, one thing is sure – the field of medicine takes dedication and time. We hope our list expanded your knowledge of the countless destinations that offer a medical degree. Though not all of them are equally prestigious, you shouldn’t treat the university’s rankings as the only factor to be considered. 

Remember that you’ll spend a significant amount of time in a country of your choosing, which means that you should factor the elements such as culture, cuisine, or climate into the equation.

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