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There is a wide variety of reasons why your child may wake up in the night, some known and others a complete mystery even to the experts. One of the more obvious reasons, however, is an accident in the middle of the night.

Under normal circumstances, these can be very messy situations. Those circumstances are worsened if you’re on a vacation. Thankfully, experienced travelers make it a priority to pack several mattress protectors.

If you’re looking to purchase the safest product for your baby, then this article is here to explain the benefits an organic cotton mattress protector has over its competition.

The Downside of Conventional

While conventional mattress pads get the job done by providing an absorbent layer to your baby’s crib, they can also be riddled with various toxic chemicals found in several studies. Flame retardants, plastics that contain BPA, cottons containing pesticides have been linked to a higher risk for developing certain diseases and conditions. Pesticides alone have been linked to asthma, diabetes, and several types of cancers.

Since they are still developing, children and infants are especially susceptible to the effects these chemicals can cause. So, while a conventional pad will help make cleanup easier, the dangers far outweigh the benefits.

The Natural Label

One of the most confusing aspects when buying safer foods and products is the distinction between natural and organic. It sounds as though the two should be the same thing but products featuring the natural label can be highly deceptive to the health conscious buyer.

For instance, a product featuring natural cotton can still be treated with the same pesticides found in conventional padding. While the cotton itself is natural in the true sense of the word, the toxic chemicals used to treat it are also considered a natural part of the process. This, once again, exposes your child to a host of harmful substances. While the pesticides themselves may no longer be present after the cotton is processed, they leave harmful residues behind.

The Organic Benefit

Products certified as organic are required to meet a rigorous set of specifications to ensure that they do not contain these chemicals and pesticides. They are sourced and crafted from only natural ingredients, often plant based, and either treated with safe alternatives or left natural to avoid chemical contamination.

They also suffer no performance drawbacks from their organic making. The benefits you would find in a conventional mattress pad are the same you will find in an organic one.

GOTS Certification

To ensure you have the safest product for your child, always look for GOTS certification. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. This organization inspects a variety of products from manufacturers and traders to check their credibility as organic sellers.

The GOTS organization only qualifies companies that have educated and highly trained staff, as well as those who adhere to strict protocols in their inspection and quality control. All of this is regulated by International Organic Accreditation Services, who rely on GOTS to as an extension to regulate the organic textile industry. These organizations help consumers to differentiate between the natural and organic labels, allowing them to choose the truly health-friendly product.

Choose Organic

It isn’t always easy to know what’s best for your baby, especially if this is your first time being a parent, but you can’t go wrong with an organic product. They offer the exact same benefits that any conventional counterpart would, in this case making cleaning up a messy accident easier, and are by far the safer choice for your child’s health.

So, avoid the chemicals and pesticides found throughout the market and choose the option that is better for your baby’s well-being.


This will make your travel more enjoyable since it will avoid a messy mishap that can occur at night while ensuring your baby’s health is not compromised.



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