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Using your Nespresso machine, the right way – brew the perfect coffee

Do you want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in the morning without having to go to the nearest coffee shop? Even though you thought that isn’t possible, by following the right tips you can brew the ideal cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. It all depends on the coffee machine you buy, the coffee you use, the water you pour into the machine (better to use a water filter jug), how often you calibrate and clean it and some other factors that you might’ve missed before. Luckily, this article is going to present the most important steps you need to take in order to obtain that tasteful coffee that awakens your brain in seconds. Here’s what you need to know:


Purchase the right machine first

A poor-quality Nespresso machine will never brew a good coffee. Regardless of the capsules you use, if the machine is not one of the best out there, you won’t get a coffee that meets your expectations. Choosing the Nespresso machine should be done after carefully assessing the presence of several features and your available budget. Nespresso machines are separated into three main categories according to price: cheap, mid-priced and premium.

Cheap Nespresso machines come with the most basic functions – two drink sizes, no milk frothing, and small water tank. Mid ones usually include a milk frother, which means you can get cappuccinos and lattes in the morning while giving you the opportunity to control the device with your phone. Premium coffee machines have a wide range of options for automatic coffees and frothing, even temperature settings and more options for drink sizes.

Prime it up

Brewing water through the Nespresso machine will prepare it for making actual coffee. If you directly brew coffee, you risk not getting the best results compared to priming the machine first. By priming it, the machine gets cleaned and hotter, which helps with getting the temperature of the coffee right. You can warm the cup itself in the microwave before to keep the temperature at the appropriate level. Descaling is also important to get the best out of your coffee machine. In order to calibrate the volume, you need to read the instructions of your Nespresso machine. Usually, it is done by long-pressing the brew button until you get the perfect amount of coffee into your cup. Repeating the process for all coffee size options is required.

Water and coffee do make a difference

Regardless of what coffee machine you buy, you need to invest more in the coffee you use and the water you put into it. These can make a visible change in the way your coffee tastes when you brew it. See what capsules are compatible with your Nespresso and buy the ones that seem more qualitative. Don’t buy the cheapest ones at any cost. As for water, choose a purified one or invest into a water filter jug. Filtering water before putting it into the machine is beneficial for the device itself and for the taste of your coffee.



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