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As it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, I’ve been seeing many articles popping up regarding road trips. This time of the year is undoubtedly the most appropriate (who wants to drive around in winter?), so everyone from your grandmother to your postman seems to know the best tips for a great road trip. I’ve already covered the topic myself in this article, so I thought I’d look around the web and see what the chatter is all about, particularly for the US of A.

Don’t just go with the flow

Just start the engine, hit the throttle, throw the map out the window, and enjoy the freedom of not having a plan right? Wrong. A man from Pennsylvania has made the most efficient plan to see every state capital in the U.S. in the least amount of time. Randy Olson, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, made a map that would avoid any possible delays and allow the traveller to see 48 state capitals in exactly 8.5 days (if sticking to the plan). Randy says: “The best part is that this road trip is designed so that you can start anywhere on the route. As long as you follow the route from wherever you start, you’ll hit every state capitol in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.”

Similarly, other articles have said that Oregon, Nevada and Utah are the top three states to spend a road trip, due to having amazing scenery, interesting small towns, and good safety measures. Oh, and Connecticut turned up last on the list… sorry Connecticut.

A luxury road trip is possible

Opulence isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a road trip, yet you’ll be glad to hear it does indeed exist. A company named Exclusive Resorts has created the Ultimate National Parks Journey – a 17-night luxury tour across parts of the USA, with seven of those nights spend chauffeured around in a deluxe Airstream trailer. The price is a measly $60, 000, but you can’t put a price on luxury? Or maybe you can.

Obviously, not many of us regular folk have cash to splash on treats like that, but we can get close. Hiring an RV or trailer of your own is one of the coolest and most cost-effective ways to see the best parts that a country has to offer, particularly in North America (again, sorry Connecticut). By searching on, for example, you’ll see that it’s feasible to rent an 8-seater motorhome in Oregon for two weeks for well under $3, 000.

Do bring a smartphone

It might be tempting to disconnect from your smartphone for a while and to simply enjoy life without looking at a screen. Double wrong. Planning a route, finding breakdown assistance, tracking your keys or wallet, solving a flat tire, splitting the costs for gas, and avoiding parking fines can all be achieved via a smartphone. This article explains where to download all these beneficial little apps for your road trip.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in the U.S., then download the apps, look at Randy Olsen’s detailed map, hop in an RV, and make your own list for the best states in the U.S. Who knows, maybe Connecticut will be your favourite!


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