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Backpacking in Croatia, Dubrovnik

I made a quick exit out of Albania, quicker than I had hoped actually because one of my best friends was on holiday in Croatia and he was in Dubrovnik for his last night, so I made a beeline there to see him. Anyways, I was excited to be in Croatia after hearing so many Continue Reading »

Things to do in Split, Croatia

Split is an awesome place to base yourself while you explore further afield. The city is really manageable on foot which is great for backpackers, so find yourself a hostel located near the old town and you’re golden. Split has a much more authentic feel than Dubrovnik, that’s not to say it’s not rammed with Continue Reading »

Visiting Hvar island, Croatia

Confession time. I thought Hvar island was something different to what it is. I (wrongly) thought it was home to the triangular beach made so famous by all the tourist pics of Croatia, so when I jumped on a boat from Split to here, went to tourist information and asked where Zlatni Rat beach was, Continue Reading »

Dubrovnik, paradise on the Mediterranean shores

You don’t have to go to the Caribbean to find paradise-like beaches. Croatia has its very own paradise, Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Croatia is one of Europe’s hidden gems. Most touristsfrom inside and outside Europe choose to go to the morecommon tourist destinations, such as Spain, Italy and France, but in terms of beauty, few places can rival thiscountry on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. In the south ofthe narrow Croatian coast, on the border with Bosnia, liesthe beautiful city of Dubrovnik, known as ‘the Pearl of theAdriatic’. This town of only 42,000 inhabitants, is the home to someof the most beautiful beaches in the old continent. Unlikeother beaches on the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik has finesand beaches as well as pebble beaches. Its crystal-clearwater of the deepest blue and turquoise colours makebathing in it one of the biggest pleasures anyone canexperience, especially since they’re also so clean.   Not only does Dubrovnik have amazing beaches but it’salso one of the most interesting cultural spots in Europe.The town’s walls are one of its most famous landmarks,which you can walk on and get some amazing views ofinland Croatia, and some of the city’s forts, as well as theAdriatic Sea, a view that you won’t forget in a hurry.You’ll have to pay 70 kuna ($11, 9€) to see them but it’sdefinitely money well spent.   Dubrovnik also has many churches and palaces in the city that go back as far as the 16th century, so it’s a greatdestination for all history and architecture lovers, as wellas having many different museums that range from artmuseums of the history of Dubrovnik, back when it was a Continue Reading »