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Eating out in Paphos

While on holiday in Cyprus, you’d be mad not to sample the local cuisine. As with all cultures, it is a surefire way to experience the culture – as much for the social interaction as the action of actually eating the food. Pick a restaurant favoured by the locals, sit back and watch how they Continue Reading »

The 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cyprus

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The third largest island in the Mediterranean (although strictly speaking it’s located in Asia) is quite difficult to define, with half the island under rule from the Greek Cypriot government and the other half under rule from the Turkish Cypriot government. Turkey are the only country to internationally recognize the Turkish Cypriot contigent as a Continue Reading »

Take a break in Cyprus

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Cyprus is the third largest of the islands of the Mediterranean, close to the Levant and the southern coast of Turkey and with a rich and frequently violent history due to its strategic geographic location on east-west trade and conquest routes. Today, the island is divided between the Greeks and the Turks, but relations are Continue Reading »