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Things to do in Germany’s Most Attractive City

Most travellers are attracted to Germany by the bright lights of Berlin, but how about a visit to the country’s second largest city, Hamburg? This year, it was named Germany’s most attractive city, so it’s well worth seeing what all the fuss is about. We’ve handpicked some of the best things to see and do Continue Reading »

Berlin, a city of contrasts

There are some cities that are pretty much the same in all areas. Others, that are like many different little towns made into one big city. Berlin however, is a city where there’s always the opposite to things, where there’s white and there’s black in many different aspects. It doesn’t matter how many times you Continue Reading »

Some remains of wartime Berlin

Today, Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe to live in. Its contemporary and liberal lifestyle, it’s cool culture and its young and thriving population make the German capital into one of the most attractive European capitals. However, if we go back 67 years ago, Berlin was in complete and total ruins. During Continue Reading »

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