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Things to See in Chisinau, Moldova; A walking tour

by Johnny Ward

While Moldova is famously the poorest country in Europe, there’s little evidence of that in its Capital, Chisinau. Huge shopping malls, parks with wifi and plug sockets, range rovers at every corner, the disparity between the wealthy elite and the rest is apparent immediately. Chisinau wasn’t the most interesting city in the world to backpack Continue Reading »

Backpacking in Moldova: Wine Tours and Monasteries, day trips from Chisanau

by Johnny Ward

Officially Europe’s poorest country, and one where your dollars stretch further than most, Moldova is a perfect spot to travel on a budget. And with its famous wine, the bustling capital Chisanau and the cave monasteries just an hour away, a few days here jet by in a heart beat. After spending a day a Continue Reading »

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