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Puerto Pollensa: a perfect family getaway

Majorca is a wonderful choice for a family break for many reasons, not least of all its wealth of excellent beach resorts and its glorious year-round weather. However, with so many fantastic places to stay on the island, it can be tough to narrow down your options, which is why we’re highlighting Puerto Pollensa as Continue Reading »

Discovering the heart of the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean has been the cradle of western civilization since ancient times and beyond. Few places in the world have seen empire after empire rise and fall the way this region has, and through every age, island life in the Mediterranean has been held synonymous with luxury. With diverse landscapes and a distinct cultural flair, Continue Reading »

Tenerife Unmasked

Sometimes, exactly what it is that constitutes ‘travelling’ can lead to civil disagreement among those concerned. Some argue that only two-six month continent-crossing escapades amount to ‘proper travelling’, whereas others maintain that you only need to have spent one day in a foreign country in order to have ‘travelled’ there. Personally, I believe it boils Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tenerife Hotels

Visiting Tenerife isn’t breaking any ground, but it can be one of the most relaxing holiday options out there. About 5 million people visit every year, and it can be a little bit overwhelming to navigate where to stay and what to do. If you’re planning a trip to one of Europe’s hottest tourism locations, Continue Reading »

5 Most Beautiful Places in the Canary Islands

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With almost perfect weather year round, stunning beaches, rich forests, grand volcanoes and a bio-diversity second to none, it is well worth spending as much time as you can exploring the Canary Islands. The islands appeal to almost everyone from family packages and beach bums to the most intrepid explorers; you will find what you’re Continue Reading »

How to Spend a Weekend in Barcelona

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Barcelona is modern and bustling city visited by around 14 million tourists each year. And it is easy to see why the capital of Catalonia is so popular with those wishing to escape for a long weekend break. With a thriving city centre and quaint but thriving neighbourhoods Barcelona is the perfect weekend break destination. Continue Reading »

The Best Beaches in the Costa Del Sol

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Think of warm sand slipping between your toes, perfect sunny weather, over 100 miles of coastline at your disposal, numerous beaches for you to laze on from dawn till sun down, turquoise blue waters and cool salty breeze blowing against your skin. Mmmh, doesn’t that just make you want to drop everything in a sec Continue Reading »

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