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Europe outside the EU – tips for holidaying in Ukraine

As the definition of Europe as a political and cultural entity continues to evolve, so many of our neighbouring countries become more familiar to us. Numerous nations which less than 25 years ago were behind the seemingly impenetrable Iron Curtain are now well-trodden destinations due to their inclusion in the European Union. But while the Continue Reading »

Visiting Chernobyl: The scene of the worst nuclear disaster of all time

Ukraine has been a great country to travel through, Lviv, Kiev and Odessa all offered completely different experiences, but there’s one last stop which promised to outdo them all. Chernobyl. A quick history lesson for you guys. On April 26th 1986 reactor number 4 in the Chernobyl power plant exploded, spilling huge amounts of nuclear Continue Reading »

Top 5 things to See in Kiev, Ukraine

I’m always excited to visit a new capital city, but I was even more delighted to visit this bad boy because one of my good friends Ian from BorderlessTravels was joining  me for the next 3 weeks. First up, let me say these are in order of the most impressive sights, so if you’re pushed Continue Reading »

Drinking in Lviv, Ukraine

I was gonna add this in my list of things to see in Lviv but I thought it actually warrants it’s own snappy article. This is one more of those moments when you need to sit back and think “F*ck yeah, I’m really traveling”. I wanted to go for a beer, and after a few Continue Reading »

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