Motivational Monday: How Many Hits Do You Need to Make Money from Your Blog?

Everyday you hear about some new blogger cashing in on their website, press trips around the world, free flatscreen tvs or a new pair of shoes sent to their house. How do they do it? How can I do it?


I know,, I know I used to doubt it too. Thinking – People can blog as a full-time job?! Surely not.  Well, they can, and they do and even better still is that they work for themselves and often work less than 5 – 10 hours per week (my limit).


So you’ve got a blog, or an inclination to start one – how many hits do you need to make money on it, and how much can you make? Here are some rough figures to go by. I’m no google genius, in fact I’m pretty horrible with computers but I do blog full time, I run a number of sites and it’s my full-time income even though I don’t have to work ‘full-time’:

making money from your blog

Now I’m sure these figures can be disputed but they give you an idea about what page rank you require, and how many unique monthly visitors you need to generate a certain amount of cash (through ads etc). So if you wanna make $50k USD per year, then you need a site with a Page Rank of 4 and with around 50,000 unique visitors per month, not that difficult and certainly achievable within a year.


This is all without selling ebooks, using affiliate marketing or selling your time or expertise, they all increase revenue further.


Note, I’m not selling anything here, I’m not making any money from this post, I just know that when I started out blogging I wanted to know some figures and they were difficult to come by, these are the sort of figures that I, and some of my friends, regularly turn from each website. Now imagine having 4 or 5 websites, hmmmm. Good luck and happy travels!!

67 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: How Many Hits Do You Need to Make Money from Your Blog?

  1. Pratanu Banerjee

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  2. Patrick

    I am actually quite impressed with your chart. I wish you tell us a little more if that money is from ad revenue or from selling services to your viewership. Not so much products but rather services like consulting.

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  6. Dule


    I really love your work and the site even more! Ou and thank you for this post, it explained a lot! The think is that I just recently starter researching wordpress and want to even self host(eventually) but not before I have built a good blog with a quality content. So could you just check my demo blog and give me some feed back?

    I really appreciate your time and thank you in advance

    Peace 😉


      Never give up. Face each new challenge with the attitude that it will bring you one step closer to your goal. You will never fail, as long as you never give up. Focus on what you want, learn the required skills, make a plan to succeed and take action. We are always happiest while pursuing something of value to us.


      Never give up. Face each new challenge with the attitude that it will bring you one step closer to your goal. You will never fail, as long as you never give up. Focus on what you want, learn the required skills, make a plan to succeed and take action. We are always happiest while pursuing something of value to us.

  7. karan


    Thanks for the free info. I was wondering if you could gauge something for me. If I had a website which has e learning courses and make it free, assuming around 10 k unique visitors a day, how much can I generate? And how? Do these ads pay based on just numbers or also demographics, country, etc?

    Thanks in advance. Excuse ajy typos, posting from a non responsive tablet

  8. Johnny

    Nice work, i m from India pune. i want to develop new website and earn money from addsence. but i am confused which website should i develop. should it a travel guide or small business info. do you know how to find out how many sites are present for particular keyword. suppose my website portal is and in market there is no other site like and suppose user search cyz then my website will come first?

  9. Shaun

    Hey, thanks for the information, but I’m a little confused, your chart says that the highest income (7500+) requires around 100,000 monthly users and a Google page rank of 4, surely being ranked number 1 would produce more traffic and therefore higher revenue? Not criticising, just confused 😀

    1. Johnny Post author

      hey buddy, it reaches a saturation point to be honest. And if you’re figures are stronger than that, you should be selling products and raking in affiliate streams instead 🙂

  10. Eric Anthony

    Hey Paul,

    I recently started a sports blog with a couple friends a few weeks ago. We have a handful of writers and have seen a slow increase in traffic throughout the past couple weeks. However we are struggling to get more traffic. I have done some research into google page ranks, analytics, adwords, PPC ads, etc. We simply don’t know what to do next to generate more viewers and fans of our site. We certainly have some marketing ideas once we have a group of followers and readers. I checked our page rank, if correct, and it claims 0 out of 10. If you have any tips, suggestions, opinions, that could help our website grow, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Eric Anthony

    1. Paul Thomson

      Hello Eric,

      How many hits are you getting per month?

      The best advice I can offer new websites is to offer content that cannot be found elsewhere or provide information that is very useful to the visitors with the aim of becoming somewhat of an authority in your market.

      You run a sports website, so maybe doing professional analysis of the games your comment on or spending some time drawing up some in-depth statistical analysis of different teams/players.

      People also love top 10 lists, bullet point factual information. These are the king of posts people share.

      Start emailing like-minded webmasters in your area and see if there is someway you can collaborate.

      I would also recommend looking into web 2.0 sites and setting up a couple of micro-sites to build some additional traffic. You may also want to get involved with a couple of sports forums and start meeting people out there that would likely visit your site… ask them for ideas/opinions and things they would most like to see on your site.

      I hope this is of some help.


      1. Eric Anthony

        Hey Paul,

        We have had the site live for only a couple weeks now. We have approximately 1600 views in that amount of time. Best we’ve had in a day is approx. 350. So starting off small.

        Your advice has been very helpful. I had been thinking about an interactive landing page that could gain attention, somewhat similar to your suggestion of utilizing web 2.0. We could have some online ads (we have been looking into advertising on Facebook and Twitter) link to our landing page or a microsite. We are using wordpress and built the site from a template. Creating a microsite may be out of our skill range and budget.

        I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and give us some feedback. Any other pointers would be fantastic.

        Thanks again,


        1. Paul Thomson

          Hi Eric,

          Web 2.0 sites aren’t as good as what they used to be in order to bring in traffic into sites but they still help to some degree, people would argue whether there is point in creating them but the fact of the matter is that they are still being indexed by google and still being visited. You don’t want to fall into the trap of putting bad content into your ‘microsites’ as this will affect how much traffic they see and as a result how much traffic your main site will likely see. – don’t waste time doing stuff that’s not worth it.

          In order of how I do things:

          First thing to do is to create a website which is well designed, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, loads fast and is responsive. – click on my name to the left… 🙂

          2nd, write good, unique content with first hand research which cannot be found anywhere else. Don’t focus on amount of posts (like you’ll see other people encouraging), focus on quality. Sometimes it will take me 2 days to write a post, but that post will see more traffic than 10 articles that take me 2 days.

          3rd, email people. Find people in the same niche as you, contact them, get to know them and try to help THEM. Don’t always focus on your own site. Just like a business operates, its about connections. As in the same way I’m trying to help you now, offer to help others, believe in karma and good things will come your way.

          4th, look into gamification – integrate into your site.

          understand that the hard work you put in now might not become apparent for another 3-6 months. Never give up and keep meticulous records of everything you do so you know what ‘works’ for your site.

          If you don’t have the skills to do something, ask someone to help you. Sometimes you will have to pay, other times they are happy to help for free!

          Don’t take any shortcuts, don’t buy *most* of the software that is currently being advertised to help you, you’ll only get penalised by the search engines in the long run.

          See what your competitors are doing, copy what is working for them, change things that are negatively impacting their site (in your own eyes).

          Have fun and let me know if you’ve got any questions,

          Best of luck,


  11. timothy

    Hello, I am interested about some help. I currently have a page with 29 thousand per. I need to know how to make money from the views.

      1. rachel

        Thanks, Johnny, for your response! I’ve been wondering about how many pageviews a month minimum is worth trying to get into an ad network. I see that you’ve mentioned unique visitors but often unique visitors can view 20 or 30 pages, so that woud make a difference right? Somewhere I saw some figure of less than 10,000 pageviews a month is really not enough to be worrying about it! Do you agree?

        1. Paul Thomson

          Hi Rachel/Johnny,

          I hope you don’t mind me butting in here… You’ll really need at least 100k pageviews before you can/should start looking into display advertising. In the beginning Google Adsense is ‘OK’ to use, but really it’s to get a flavour of how money is made from the internet.

          I somewhat agree with what Johnny said when he mentioned that they are a ‘dying a death’, often you’ll find that the more informative your site is, the better it is designed and more user friendly, the less money you’ll be able to make from Google Adsense. Poorly designed (or really cleverly designed, poor looking) websites will often benefit the most from Google Adsense as users get confused about where to click next and look for a ‘route out’ of where they currently are. This is a technique used by webmasters to build poor websites that make a good amount of money from the traffic, good for short-term goals but not something I would encourage.

          Build a good site and provide information that’s not already on the internet. If you’re a travel writer or have a travel blog, write about places no-one has ever been or things that are unique.

          When you start to get a lot of traffic you can have a look into display network advertising like, I use them on my larger websites with good success.

          You could also try mixing your adverts up with affiliate adverts, and PPC adverts using Google’s DFP but it’s quite an advanced system and can be quite hard to get used to if you haven’t any previous experience. I use it on my website if you wanted to see it in action?

          Best of luck to you and all that are embarking on setting up their own travel sites!


      2. Shaun

        Hey Johnny, I’m a bit confused about your figures, in your table, the better ranked pages seem to earn more, while those with a page rank of 5 on google earn the most? Am I missing something? 😀

  12. Edwin

    Hi there,

    Nice Article, but those figures are not correct. There are just to many factors you need to explain when it comes to get a nice income each month.

    1. Make sure you get quality backlinks (backlinks gives you higer PR).
    2. Increase ur SERP!, choose your keywords wisely for your article (do not keywordspamming). (check adwords keyword tool to help you find the best keywords).
    3. Make sure your blog is interactive, setup a forum for your visitors or a chat.
    4. do not over-ad your website. Make it clear and nice to navigate.

    There are actually tons of things you need to check. I had a PR2 site with 5000 unique visitors a month, and was earning 60 Dollar a month.

    If anyone wants to have some tips. please let me know.

  13. Xoofi

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  14. papafrog

    How does the money come? Who pays you? That’s what I don’t understand. My popular website has had over 20,000 hits in the last 30 days yet I don’t know how to generate revenue. Please let me know where the money comes from. Thanks.

  15. Lisa

    A friend of mine has a page rank of 2, over 1000 unique visitors a month, and he makes $0. He’s bummed. Obviously he must be doing something wrong. I’ll try to ignore his bad luck and convince myself that your chart is absolutely correct lol

    I do wonder though, why does the page rank affect the actual amount of money? Do businesses suddenly pay more when they get an ad click from a higher ranked page?

      1. Paul Thomson

        “post regularly mate, and actually travel – not just another travel blog about getting drunk on a 2 month stint in south east asia!”

        – This I believe is the number one reason travel blogs fail! Well said Johnny, brilliant advice.


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