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The Self Declared Republic of Uzupis – A Country within A City within a Country

Pounding the pavements of Vilnius, admiring all the Gothic churches, and impressive squares, I was surprised to hear that there was a self-declared Republic nearby. Where? I asked, expecting them to tell me about some neighbouring country. Oh about 5 minutes from here, they replied. Huh?! Welcome to Uzupis, a neighbourhood in Vilnius, that on Continue Reading »

Backpacking through Lithuania: Best things to See in Vilnius

My third and final country in the Baltics was Lithuania, and to be perfectly honest, it was probably the best of the 3 Baltic countries, certainly offering more to see and do than both Latvia and Estonia. Also, it doesn’t have all the stag/bachelor parties that blight the other capitals!   Anyways, I arrived in Continue Reading »

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