22 great tips for college students to travel

Exploring new places, inside or outside your country, is an enjoyable activity that hundreds of millions of people do every year. However, with all its advantages, traveling has some unpleasant moments that can negatively affect your travel experience, however, they should not ruin your vacation. Today I offer 22 travel life hacks that can make your vacation more efficient, fun, and convenient.

It is sometimes more difficult for students to plan their travels. You have to take your study schedule into account. It is not always possible to go during an academic semester. If you have a unique opportunity to go to a new country, be sure to take it. If you need to do a lot of academic assignments ahead of time, and you are not sure that you can cope on time on your own, ask for help. You can turn to professional essay writer BidForWriting to get expert help. This service is one of the best and provides writing services for all types of writing assignments, from reports to dissertations.

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Tips before the trip

1. Instead of a hotel, consider booking a house if you’re traveling with family, or a room if you’re going solo. Sites like Airbnb will help you find apartments and private rooms for rent by owners. And, as a rule, the conditions are offered much better than when booking a hotel room.

2. When packing, roll your clothes. Instead of clogging your suitcase with a bunch of folded things, rolling them allows you to fit more. In addition, you can place rolled underwear and socks between your clothes for optimal space saving.

3. Scan your passport, your itinerary, and other necessary documents, and then send the scans to your e-mail, then in case of loss or theft, you will have a copy of them. If you are an iPhone user, after sending the documents by e-mail, you can immediately save them in iBooks. In this case, they will always be in your offline access, even without a network connection.

4. Before traveling, it is important not to forget to call the bank whose card you use and make sure that it will be valid in the country you are going to. This will not cause suspicion of unauthorized activity with your account by the bank employees and will protect against blocking the account.

5. Mark your luggage as fragile. Such luggage is usually handled more carefully when loading. Firstly, your things will be put on top, and secondly, that is why the bags themselves will be unloaded among the first.

Tips during the trip

6. Do not underestimate the waist bags-bananas. Yes, they may look strange and a little old-fashioned, but believe me, every time you travel, even without leaving the country, you will be sure that all your valuables are safe. And such a bag will speed up the passage of control and all checks.

7. If possible, take care in advance of the need for the Internet or other methods to keep yourself busy if your flight takes more than six and a half hours. You will be grateful when you find that talking to a random neighbor is harder than going to the dentist. In addition, if the airline allows the use of the Internet, you can finish your work before you land.

8. Make sure you have a pen to fill out customs and other forms before you leave. Fill out the forms as soon as you receive them, and make sure your family members do as well. Be prepared that other travelers will also ask to use your pen; it is often difficult to find it at such times.

9. Visit the lavatory 20 minutes before landing. Usually, when the “seat belt” signal is activated, you still have 15 minutes of leeway until you are required to stay in your seat with your seat belt fastened. Use this opportunity so that you do not have to participate in the fight for the toilet upon landing.

Tips upon arrival

10. Immediately go directly to the baggage claim. It’s amazing how many people loiter after landing. Leave it for another place to save time.

11. Use ATMs to get local currency. Currency exchangers in airports usually add their fees and the exchange rate is very unfavorable for you. ATMs always dispense local currency, so use your bank card to withdraw money.

12. For business travel to the USA and Europe, I advise you to download Yelp or Foursquare. These are great guides for tourists and locals and the best way to find the most amazing places to eat and sightsee.

13. After you arrive, go to the grocery store. You don’t have to buy a bunch of everything, but basic groceries like water and some snacks bought at a local store instead of the hotel can save you money.

14. When you settle into your room, take out only the essentials from your luggage. Trying to make yourself at home by laying out every pair of shoes and all the toiletries will not only make packing before you leave hell but also increase the chances that you will forget something

Explore the new terrain

15. Use guidebooks wisely. I already recommended Yelp and Foursquare because they allow you to discover some little-known places. Conventional guidebooks only give an idea of the standard tourist attractions, even if they call themselves “little known”. Applications such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Redigo, and AroundMe will also be useful.

16. Communicate in the local language as much as possible. It will show a good side not only of you but also of your whole country and people.

17. Prepare in advance a list of souvenirs to buy and stick to it. This will allow you not to spend the extra money and will keep you from buying something that you will “give to someone later”.

18. eat only local food. Leave Mcdonald’s, if you need it, for the period when you are at home. Eating local food will save you money and allow you to try new and delicious dishes.

19. If in the country, for example, it is customary to wear modest clothes, then follow this rule. And in such clothes, you will be sure of your safety in an unfamiliar country.

Tips after returning home

20. If you travel often, prepare a cosmetic bag with the necessary toiletries and cosmetics for the trip. This will save time on packing, and you will not need to make urgent purchases if something is missing before the trip.

21. Use programs and applications to share photos taken on the trip faster and easier. For example, IFTTT allows you to automatically send a copy of your valuable photos to Dropbox or Evernote.

22. Unpack as soon as you get home. You may think that you are incredibly tired, but after a while, you will be grateful to yourself for this small work. In addition, it will save your things from unpleasant smells.

We would be glad if our tips about how to travel the world are useful to you. We wish you always to be in a great mood and visit every corner of our planet.

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