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Summer vacation is a fun time for parents and children alike, as it offers one of the very few viable opportunities to take a family vacation. While some parents may be able to save money on airfare and lodging, as well as the luggage and everything else they might need thanks to coupons that are available to a variety of different shops and services including Kohl’s and, these frugal summer vacation ideas can also help you to plan a great getaway that is easy on your wallet.


  1. Staycation

Kids often have summertime activities that keep them close to home for the duration of their vacation and parents cannot always get the necessary time off of work. When this happens, a staycation is your best possible bet. Take the time to look around your area and find some tourist attractions that you have yet to see. Embrace your inner out of towner and learn to view your city through a whole new lens!


  1. Camping

No matter where you stay, there is likely to be a campground nearby and campgrounds provide a relatively inexpensive way for a family to become one with nature. Fees and passes are cheap and you are able to save a bundle on food, since you will either be bringing your own or fishing for it yourself. Whether you are traveling with your family or your significant other, camping offers a wonderful chance to bond.


  1. Maintain Flexibility

One of the keys to scoring a cheap vacation is to remain flexible and be ready to pounce on awesome last minute deals the first second that they become available. To get started, head to sites like Cheap Tickets and Expedia, where there are entire pages dedicated to the last minute deal . As long as you are able to maintain maximum flexibility and have money saved up, you will likely to be able to score a vacation from much less than you originally expected.


  1. Road Trip

There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned road trip when you are looking for a frugal summer vacation idea. The price of gas continues to rise, but those of us who do not have kids can bring a few friends along to help shoulder the financial burden. In many instances, the actual car ride itself ends up being even more fun than the destination that you’ve decided on!


  1. Visiting Local Family and Friends

We all have family and friends that live nearby and as a result, we tend to take them for granted, putting more effort into seeing those who do not happen to live in the same region. While some will steer clear of these types of trips because they do not want to be seen as an uninvited guest, those who take the time to lay the proper groundwork and call ahead of time are usually pleasantly surprised by the reception that they end up receiving.



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