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Travelling abroad can be pricey, but why pay more then you have to? Here are five money saving tips to help you save some cash and still make the most of your next trip.



  • How to find the cheapest flights


As most people know, the price of flights varies depending on time of year and even the time of travel. Unlike most travel websites, Skyscanner allows you to compare flight prices across a whole month, which means you can see the cheapest days to travel. This works especially well if you are flexible with your travel dates.  


You can also set up a free alert for Skyscanner’s price alerts.



  • Don’t leave airport parking until the last minute


If you can get to the airport via public transport, then it usually works out cheaper to do so. But if you must leave your car at the airport, then ensure you book as far in advance as possible to avoid any nasty surprises after your break.



  • Currency exchange


Most banks will charge for each cash withdrawal you make abroad and although using a debit card may be cheaper than a credit card, there are alternatives to avoid being charged all together.


When withdrawing money always try to take out larger sums, therefore if you do have to pay charges you are paying them less frequently (just try to avoid keeping all your money in the same place!). Travelex’s Happy Hours offer discounted rates when ordering money online, it’s worth checking daily to see which currency is on offer. For more information on travel money options click here .


  • Take your own food


Although liquids are banned from being taken through security at the airport, many people do not realise unopened food is fine to pack in your hand luggage. Take your own snacks to avoid shelling out, either at the airport or on the airplane.


  • Try the local food


One of the many joys of travelling is experiencing new cultures, and this involves trying new cuisine. Stay local to ensure you eat better, alongside saving plenty of money. Another top tip is to make the most of your hotel buffet breakfast and maybe even taking some away for lunch!



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