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So you’ve started traveling and you’ve created your blog. Whats the next step? It’s promotion. You have to get the word out about your blog and start sharing your experiences with the web. Blog promotion can also lead to something else, money. As any traveler knows, one of the best things you can do while on the road is make some cash. Depending on where you are in the world, $100 bucks can get you pretty far. The more you promote your blog the better chance you have of pulling in some cash. If you wanna go the whole hog, get some stash!  Pinnacle Promotions offers customizable T-shirts, bags, and other swag that can help promote your blog and increase brand awarenes.

Here are five sure fire ways to get your blog out there and noticed.


Link Exchanges

Taking part in a link exchange with other like minded blogs is a great way to promote. If you notice, most travel blogs have a links page or a recommended page. These pages are filled with links to other travel blogs. For one, this page can help your readers gain more information about travel and two when you put someones link on your page they generally return the favor. This strategy can lead to increased site traffic.


Reach out to travel bloggers who already have a large following, and even those who don’t, to participate in an interview. Pick their brian. See where they’ve been, what they like, what they didn’t, and how they continuously travel. When you feature someone in an interview they can promote their interview on their end bringing their visitors to your site. If you run interviews enough (say weekly or monthly) people will start contacting you to participate. Maybe, you’ll even get asked to do an interview or two!

koh kood5

Comment on Blogs

Help out your fellow travel bloggers and they will return the favor. If you can take part on the message boards and commenting sections of travel blogs people are likely to do the same. You can also create a profile to leave comments that can link back to your site. Engaging in conversations and leaving your input and opinion on articles can also help build your following. If people like what you have to say, they’ll want to hear more!

Guest Posts

This is one of the best strategies for getting the word out about your blog. Contact all of the travel blogs you come across and ask if they accept guest posts. This entails writing a post tailored for their site. Often what you will get in return is a profile on their site and a link back to your blog. This is a good way for a post you write to reach an entire new audience. It also makes it easy for them to make their way to your blog. Writing a good, entertaining, and engaging post for someone else can result in new everyday followers for you.

best boutique hotel in Santorini
Catching up on some work in Santorini, luxury!

Social Media

Use all of the tools you have at your disposal to get the word out. Social media has made promoting very user friendly. Make sure you have your blog queued up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on and so on to maximize your reach in the social media sphere. You need to regularly update your page and all your feeds. Stay on top of them and try to generate conversations around them. The more active you are in social media the more it will pay off.

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So if you’re ready to…..

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74 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Travel Blog

  1. Exceptionally helpful rundown. I previously read your blog consistently. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Johnny, have to say your website was one of the first I found when setting up my travel blog. It was very expiring and still is. It was over 5 years ago and I have to say, I’m still struggling to reach open waters with my website. Any advice/comment would be highly precious from your end, as it’s really high time for me to reach the next step. thanks very much for being there to us 😉 my web:

  3. I just started my blog these days, and I found your advice and tips are really helpful. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. Thanks, Johnny
    You are inspiring me to promote my travel blog. writeup and tips and if suggestions for me make more nice travel blog.again thanks

  5. Amazing! If you want someone to guest post, please let me know – I would love to; especially from a perspective from a gal all the way from New Zealand! My blog is – check it out!

  6. Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles

  7. The pointers that you have listed have helped me learn more about traveling!

  8. Hey Johnny. Cool post, I need this for my own blog – – Just started 3 or 4 days ago with my Thai half brothers (I’m half-American, half-Thai). It’s my way of bonding with them plus I’m not much into the Thai cuisine. Anyway, would need advice also on how to promote such with different language.


  9. Great article we are writing a resource guide for passports and visas at its so important to have your vital documents in order prior to international travel. Many people get to the airport and are turned away for improper documentation.

  10. Thanks for sharing such helpful info!! I really liked the idea of sharing links to other similar blogs/articles on one of your pages and the other reciprocating so their viewers can easily find you. I started my blog over a year ago, but just recently started writing substantial travel content and attempting to get my blog out there. You can check mine out at http://www.wanderings Cheers!! Blossom

  11. Thanks for your inspiring blog posts! I’m also from Ireland and you really inspired me to finally set up my own travel blog. If anyone would like to connect, I would love to! It really is so important to help each other out. 🙂 My blog is

  12. I definitely read a fair share of travel posts from all my favorite bloggers, but always manage to forget to leave comments. Such a simple way to just get your name out there, it’s ridiculous to not take the thirty seconds and leave a note!

  13. Sharing traveling experience is always fun but getting traffic onto the site is really something that require some effort. I do have my travel site, and always trying to find traffic onto my site. The advice shared by you definitely make sense. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks Johnny! You are inspiring me to get my blog out there! Seriously, nothing would have been possible without your help.

    If anyone would like to get in touch, please reach out to me on my blog:! I would love to check out your blogs, interview, and get things rolling!


  15. Excellent writeup and tips for newbie travel blogger like me. Currently I have very few posts and I don’t get much visitors. It’d be great if you can check and suggest if I’m doing anything wrong.

    In the mean time, I’ll try to implement things you mentioned here one by one.

  16. I would like to say thank you for motivating me to put-up my own travel blog. I just started today and it feels great to actually do it and publish my works. Cheers mate. 🙂

  17. Hi Johnny,

    thanks for the article, these tips are helpful! How did you start out? How did you connect with other bloggers and travel writers?


  18. Great tips Johnny. I could surely use all the traction and help I can at this point – Just started my blog this month and looking for ways to skyrocket it to wider audiences. This would help – thanks.

  19. Useful tips Johnny! I’ve been blogging about my trips to Europe since August and always looking for more ways to promote my blog.

  20. Excellent tips to promote the travel blog! I have seen most of them in other websites to but the interview option seems to be really good. Keep posting!

  21. Thank you for releasing some of your Travel blog promoting secret. Sometimes I just get stuck after writing a post and think now what. Namaste

  22. Hi Everyone, I am also looking to promote my new travel website. My idea was to make it simple and provide all the necessary travel services at one place. But I am looking for suggestions and complaints about my site and how to make it better.

    Please check out and tell me about my site

  23. Hi Friends,

    We recently have started our travel blog – “Life Time Musafir” ( and in the process of adding and posting our experiences there. Till date have posted 4 amazing trips.

    If you get time, please have a look and leave your comments on the blog.

    Thanks and Regards,

  24. Hi, thanks for the tips, I just strated my own travle blog and I am searching for ways to promote my blog, your post is very helpfull and I hope to resume some or all your advices… I hope to get there… 🙂

  25. This is inspiration: thank you! I’m too shy to share my blog on sites and rely heavily on Google to bring traffic to me, and it’s such a shame. Always happy to see other travel bloggers doing well! 🙂

  26. I started blogging since last October and I have not yet earned any cents as WordPress does not accept Google AdSense. Do you think there is any solution? I have been looking on Google but did not found the answer.
    Thanks for inspiring bloggers for not giving up!

  27. Thanks for the tips! It’s also important to remember to travel and enjoy your traveling without getting too committed to work. Work on creating excellent content while on the road (i.e. have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!) then do the writing and promotion stuff from home.

  28. You are an icon figure for my 9 year old. He says to tell you that you rock and your country count is awesome. At nine uses social media for loads of world-schooling. He just hit country 48 in 2.5 years and counting. Well done to you we say!

  29. Thanks for the advice! I definitely notice an increase in traffic when I get more involved in social media and blog comments.

  30. Great way of moving through life – exploring, taking photos and sharing with the world!! I really like your blog, content and appearance. Great tips too, I’ll see how to apply them on my blog, one by one. Thank you very much!!

  31. Thank you so much for the tips, your post has been very useful for me. I’ll start doing interviews soon and I’m very excited about it.

  32. Hey Johnny, thanks for a great, easy to understand list. I’ve just started my blog and I’ve got a question about social media. What websites do you find the most effective? Currently I only use FB and Twitter, and I’ve thought about getting on Instagram, Pinterest and G+, but I just don’t know if it’s worth the time. I’m all for hard work, but if you’re spending countless hours trying to micromanage social media accounts it can take the fun out of blogging and travelling. I feel like it could be easy to get caught up in the whole marketing thing and lose sight of why we started blogging in the first place, which is to write and inspire.

  33. this is a nice concise list of tips. i haven’t gotten into the interviews and guest posts thing myself but i’ll consider it for the future. cheers for sharing!

  34. Thanks for the great ideas! I am quite new to the blogging world, and am technologically impaired as well, computers and I have a tenuous relationship at best 🙂 I think I need all the good ideas I can find.

  35. Just did my 1st post on my new travel blog yesterday. So this is a well timed post for me! Always good to get advice from those that know. cheers mate!

  36. As a new travel blogger I found your post very informative and useful, thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I will be putting all 5 of your suggestions to use. Thanks again!

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