7 Tips For Decorating Your Vacation Home

It is no less than a dream to own a vacation home for many people. A vacation hole is a place where you can escape to recharge. You can boost quality living and enjoy more extended vacations, host parties for your family and friends or use it to earn extra income. 

So congratulations for ticking this goal from your bucket list. Now here comes the fun part: decorating your vacation home. Here are some tips to turn your new escape home stylish, luxurious, and comfortable.

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Tip #1. Consider The Location

When decorating any home, you should first consider the location. The idea is the same for your vacation home as well. Think about the place if you want to put together your vacation home like a real vacation and get an immersive experience. 

The expectations are poles apart from a vacation home on an island than one in the hills. Decoration plays a vital part in livening up the space. A vacation home in a beachy location looks lovely when you create soothing, coastal-style natural looks. Mountain views go well with rustic style.

Tip #2. Think About The Purpose

You may have often thought about the purpose while putting together the rooms in your abode. Just like your residence, you should also think about the meaning of decorating your vacation home. The question is whether you will use this property for rentals or a getaway.

If you use your vacation home for rental income, consider furnishing your space with more durable items. Also, the addition of beds typically needs more to accommodate tenants. Simply put, you must keep tenants in mind while decorating the home. So, in such a case, we suggest you check out the vacation rental software.

However, if you plan to primarily use it to escape the hustle and bustle with your friends and family, you can do whatever to set up your dream property. Nonetheless, we recommend keeping ample space for your living room, dining room, and cozy bedroom. Also, leave at least one room for the guests since you will likely host parties for dear ones.

Tip #3. Choose A Theme

Our next tip is all about choosing a suitable theme for your decoration. This truly depends on precisely what vibe you would want to put together. A clear perception of this will help you drive all the formalities of your vacation home. 

You may want to create a space that shouts luxury and opulence with every piece of high-end decor items and furnishing. Or, perhaps you would ditch the formal vibe and go for casual and laid-back finishes. If you opt for the latter vibe, your design will include cozy, fuss-free furnishing with minimal decor items for creating a relaxed, informal space. You can choose to have the best of both worlds by landing in between. Think about integrating glamour and comfort for that unique combination with your personal touch.

We recommend choosing the timelessness option as a theme of your vacation home. This is primarily to avoid unnecessary spending on renovation due to the constant changing in tastes and style. It is not uncommon to see homeowners getting bored with the new trends within a short interval.

So, look for something that oozes neutral, classic style, such as significant furniture. Keep your focus on the fabrics and shapes that you can seamlessly blend into variations. Also, choose easy-to-swap things such as wall art and textiles to match the overall style. As style evolves, it will be easier for you to switch these aspects to match your current preferences.

Tip #4. Go Neutral On the Walls

When choosing the color scheme of your vacation home, we recommend you go with neutral colors like classic white, cream, beige, grey, etc. Neutral walls are the supreme blank slate that offers you more furniture and decor flexibility. You can also accentuate the center wall or a corner with textured or vibrant colors.

For flooring options, we would like carpets in neutral-hued or mid-toned hardwoods. 

Tip #5. Add A Personal Touch

Well, you may want your vacation home to scream. Nonetheless, it is the décor that makes it yours. So add your unique style with custom house painting. Custom touches might be functional or decorative, but all of them are a reflection of your personality.

You can also hang or keep framed photos of your family, dog portraits, personalized sketches, and many more that you would like to display in your new space. Moreover, customization allows you to tie the comfort of a standard room instantly, that is, your original home, to your vacation home.

Tip #6. Create Spectacular Outdoor Spaces

If your vacation home comes with outdoor spaces, take this as an opportunity to expand your living spaces. These outdoor spaces offer you to admire the climate of your new property. Style them like your outdoor space is an extension of the indoor space. The aim is to create an effortless sequence that starts inside your home and works until the way out. For example, place a lovely table and chair on the patio to chill out and enjoy the serene beauty. Plus, dedicate a corner for hosting barbeque parties and a wine bar.

If you also have a pool, keep it clean and elegant with minimal statement decor.

Tip #7. Build Your Kitchen

Well, be it your residence or your vacation home, you need a kitchen everywhere. Whether you cook or not, a kitchen should be there. However, keep it minimalistic and not overdo or underdo the kitchen space. 

While setting up the kitchen in your vacation home, evaluate how you want to spend your time there. For example, suppose you are interested in baking or cooking, stock up with the essentials. Along with this, keep advanced kitchen appliances like a microwave, blender, coffee maker, toaster, refrigerator, and utensils. 

The Takeaway

Your vacation home should be all about enjoyment and relaxation. When you enter your home, you wouldn’t want to think about checking emails or scrubbing floors. Make it a retreat by creating a cozy bedroom, luxurious living room, elegant kitchen, and spectacular outdoor space. Decorate it according to your preferences with our tips and create a world of yours to escape!

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