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Whilst on holiday with the family it can become a very stressful event due to the fact that you have to try and find something to do that can last the whole day, that isn’t too expensive, and is within easy access. The beach is the perfect activity for the whole family as you can easily spend the day running around on the sand, having a go at surfing or body-boarding, lazing in the sun and having a dip in the sea. There’s often a convenience shop extremely close to the beach so you can have a picnic on the beach without spending too much money, and of course the beach itself is free to get on to.

Cornwall Beaches Are More Impressive Than You May Think!
Cornwall Beaches Are More Impressive Than You May Think!

If this sounds like the beach you want to enjoy with your family this summer then you will want to try these following five beaches in Cornwall recommended by  West Cornwall Cottage Holidays which offer this and much more:


Gwithian, Hayle

At Gwithian you can have a brilliant day by doing the simplest things. Just appreciating the miles of golden sand, the gorgeous sea and the fantastic British summer. All you need to take with you is some food for a picnic on the beach, a swimming costume and maybe a bucket and spade. You can easily while away a day at Gwithian, and really appreciate the British countryside.


Talland Bay, Looe

Taking a walk down Talland Bay is a fantastic way to get some free souvenirs of your trip down south, as there are plenty of pebbles and driftwood to take back and put around your house. Here you can appreciate the best of the Cornish beaches, this is what you imagine when you think of the great British beaches. It’s also a great place to take the little ones as you can teach them how to skim pebbles, which can be entertaining for hours.


Towan Beach, Porthscatho 

This beach is fantastic for exploration and can therefore be a fun, cheap and long lasting activity for everyone in the family. The beach boasts a number of rock pools across the beach when the tide is out, and in there you can see all sorts of different things, from little fish to tadpoles to bits of seaweed, you might even see a crab or two. You can buy cheap fishing nets and see what you can catch just be sure to return them to their homes.


Chapel Porth, St. Agnes

The fact that the National Trust owns this beach tells you that this beach is an extremely beautiful one. There is also a small beach café that serves ice creams known in Cornwall to be some of the best. The beach and the ice cream will keep the kids very happy so it can be an ideal way to spend the day without spending too much money.


Gyllygnvase Beach, Falmouth

Gyllgnvase is a great beach for the family as there is so much to do there. There is a volleyball court, as well as a very nice, modern café/restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks, juices, coffees as well as a wide selection of food for you to choose from. As well as this there is a little shop with some toys and ice cream in to keep all of the family entertained. There is no chance of getting bored at Gylly (as the locals call it).


Going to the beach is great fun for everyone and a really fantastic option to spend the day, however it is important to be safe taking some strong shoes for the rocks, and some plasters is always a good idea. Taking some spare clothes in case you get some wet or ruined is also a necessary for a day trip to the beach but most of all, enjoy yourselves!


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  1. My parents owned THE beach cafe in Talland Bay for 20years…Spent my entire childhood on that beach, couldn’t of had more fun..Good choice!

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