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Anyone who has been to Hawaii knows how special it is. The series of volcanic islands spread across the clear waters of the Pacific is a perfect destination for any type of traveller. It offers great escapes for the luxurious traveller, the adventurer, the romantic or the beach bum. The states largest Island named Hawai’i or sometime just named The Big Island of Hawaii has all the best rolled up into one dream island. The island boasts some of the states highest waterfalls, lush green national parks, deep lava caves, great fishing, beautiful golden beaches and the worlds most active volcano. With so much to do and see on the Big Island you will have to plan your days ahead to get the most out of your trip. Here a list of the top attractions to visit while you are on The Big Island of Hawaii.

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The island is filled with vacation homes to suit any needs, whether you are having a family reunion, a couples getaway or just a small family holiday you can find plenty of villas and vacation rentals with great views and close to the attractions. Big Island Vacation rentals are spread across the entire island so you can be sure to find the location you are looking for.



Hapuna Beach State Park is one of the most popular beaches on the Big Island and a favourite with locals and visitors. With great spots for picnics as the palm streets hang over the white sands. If you are looking to get away from the crowds then Makalawena Beach is worth the visit. You’ll need to use a little effort to get there. The white sanded beach is tucked away past  Kekaha Kai’s Beach. There is a trail to follow that will take you roughly 20 minutes to reach the beach. The open beaches runs for about 20km with people of lava scattered across the soft sand.



Home to over 100 waterfalls the island has no shortage. Hi’ilawe Falls is the most famous waterfall on Hawai’i island. The 1600 ft falls is the tallest in the entire states and is a must see. It’s trail has been cut out from a lava flow hundreds of years earlier. Another great waterfall is Akara. It is a stunning high waterfall that pours a huge amount of water 442 feet into a volcanic crator. The hike to Akara waterfall is nearly as beautiful as the waterfall itself.  You’ll be surrounded by deep green forest, bamboo, and a variety of local birds as you follow the paved track to the falls.


Volcanos National Park.

A top highlight for anyone visiting the Big Island is a trip to Volcanoes National Park. Inside the park is the famous Lava Tube. The tube flows like a tunnel from the heart of the volcano to the shores of the ocean, pushing hot molten lava into the ocean. The cave dates back to 400-500 years ago. Anyone wanting to explore the volcanic activity of Hawaii needs to head to Volcanoes National Park.


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