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The beautiful city of Verona in the north of Italy is a great location to lose yourself. Whilst on your travels you should make the effort to visit this city, as there you will find a range of exciting and intriguing spots to see. Filled with breath-taking architecture and stunning streets, Verona, is a romantic place to visit.

The city is an ideal location to take a trip with your significant other. It offers something for everyone. So, no matter what you and your partner enjoy doing, there will be something to please you. From delicious dishes to sightseeing attractions, Verona is a city best enjoyed at night. When the lights in Verona go down this city awakens, it becomes something of a haven for young lovers of the night.

The heritage of this fine city is rich, and so is worth bearing in mind before you make your visit. Of course, Verona was the city in which Romeo and Juliet was set, among other Shakespeare plays. Whilst in the city you should take the opportunity to explore the streets featured within the play. The romantic, yet tragic love story is one which has resonated through time. The two lovers are now held up as symbols of love and death. The streets of Verona are alive with the spirits of Romeo and Juliet, with many Italians adoring the story as part of their unique city.


Where To Stay

If you are planning a trip to Verona, you will need a luxurious place to stay. This city is best seen in style as it is a city of pure extravagance. F or hotels in Verona check Venere, where you can find many gorgeous hotels and apartments to rent within the area.

Whilst in the city you should consider staying as close to the centre as possible. There are many attractions in the city, which you will want to see at night. To do this without it costing you a fortune in taxi fare, you will need to find a place to stay which is central. Staying close to the centre is the ideal way to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Travel in Verona is notoriously unreliable. Getting a taxi at night can cost you a lot of money, whilst the public transport there tends not to run past midnight. The best way to get around in the city is to walk to and from wherever you are going. The notion of walking might sound awful, but there are a great many things you can see on your night walks in the city.


What To See

As I mentioned earlier Verona comes to life during the dark. There are many bars and cafes you will want to experience whilst in the city. If you are a cocktail lover, for example, then you should visit M27. The designer style bar is perfect for the younger traveller. The bar offers cocktails, amongst other drinks such as wine and beer.

If you are less interested in drinking and more interested in exploring, you have to check out the cathedral Duomo. The building is rich with architectural genius and has been a feature of the city since back in the 12th century. Visiting the cathedral is an ideal cheap attraction. You can marvel at the stunning construction of this ancient, yet well-designed masterpiece.

The Jewish Quarter is also worth a look either during the day or at night. The area stands out because of its long narrow streets, which seem to go on forever. Overlooking the streets you will see some of the tallest buildings within the city. During the day there are many independent shops in the area, where you can pick up everything from cheese to trinkets.

Those interested in literature may want to go on a Shakespeare tour of the city. The tours take tourists to see some of the featured streets in Shakespeare’s plays. You can even go and see a building, which has taken on the name of “Romeo’s House, ” where people have said a family like Romeo’s may have lived.


What To Eat

When you eat in Italy, not matter what region you happen to be in, you are going to get a unique dining experience. The Italians are serious about their food and so they cook everything from fresh, local ingredients.

One of the most typical dishes in Verona is a type of horse stew. The stew has fresh horse meat in a red wine sauce and is delicious providing you are a meat lover. Don’t shy away from trying some horse. It may sound an odd meat to people from other nations, but in Italy they love it. If you want to try Italian cuisine that is authentic, you have to try some horse too.

When most people think of Italian food, they think of pasta. In Verona, though, you are likely to find more risotto than pasta as this is far more popular in the region. You can pair risotto with delicious meats and sauces to create an original dish. As you would imagine, everything contains rich flavours and herbs so if you don’t like flavoursome food just order chips.


Secrets Of Verona

The streets of Verona are home to many secrets of Italy. As you walk along these streets, you will notice hidden clues in the architecture and lamps. Take the time to look at your surroundings and talk to local people to find out about the rich history of Verona.

Many travellers make the mistake of going to the city and not appreciating every aspect of it. Do not be one of these tourists. Whilst you are in Verona, it might be your only chance to experience the rich Italian culture and explore the streets.

You can take a tour at night of the Verona streets, which will help you in your quest to find out more about this wonderful city. You will be glad you took the time to see what others have missed.

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