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The USA is home to some of the most amazing landmarks, both natural and man-made and some of the world’s most powerful people reside there. Once your flights and hotel are booked, the only thing that can hold you back is your luggage and what you pack. The USA has a huge landmass which covers a variety of climates, so depending on which state(s) you’re planning on visiting, you will have to pack accordingly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of essential things to take with you when travelling to the USA.


To even enter the country, you must ensure that you have an ESTA . This is a type of visa waiver that will allow you to gain access to the country and is a necessity when it comes to travelling to the USA. Without it, you will be banned from entering the country, and all of your travel plans could be ruined. If you’re from a specific country, such as the United Kingdom and some countries in Europe, then you can apply for an ESTA instead of having to go through the lengthy process of getting a visa. However, if you’re from a country that is not included in the visa waiver program, then you will have to obtain a visa in order to enter the country.


There is no better way to remember your trip to the USA than with plenty of pictures, in order to make your USA memories last forever. You know that you want to make all of your family and friends jealous, so uploading them to Facebook and to Instagram is another great idea, just to show off a little. Whether you want a super travel camera like a GoPro which is also water resistant, a fantastic DSLR camera or a cheap disposable camera, which ever you choose you can create a whole album just of your trip to the USA. On top of this, there’s a huge array of landmarks and fantastic buildings that you can snap no matter where you are in the USA, whether it’s California, New York, Washington DC, or New Orleans.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be boring, and might just be something your mum will nag you about, but actually travel insurance is quite important, particularly for a trip to the USA. Unlike in Europe where you can take advantage of EU healthcare if you’re an EU citizen, the cost of any hospital or doctors trip if you get sick or injured can be pretty pricey – to the point where even American citizens don’t like to go! Travel insurance doesn’t just cover your health, it can also cover your belongings so if your phone gets stolen you can be covered. In addition to this, you can get travel insurance quite cheaply, for as little as 37p per day which is designed for an adventurous traveller. If you’re looking to do adrenaline pumping sports such as rock climbing, hiking, water sports, paragliding or anything else, your travel insurance can also cover you then too.

Weather-Proof Clothes

This is most important. Although you can buy all of your clothes out there if you wish, there’s no better way to do it cheaply than to bring your clothes with you. Of course, it is always important to check the weather for the state that you’re travelling to, but if you’re looking to travel across a number of different states, then you might need a jumper one day, and a swimming costume another. Planning where you’re going and checking the weather will allow you to pack weather-proof clothes. Of course, if you’re planning on hiking up a mountain, or swimming in a river, then you will have to plan your clothes accordingly, so you’re not lugging a huge suitcase around with you on your travels.


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