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How to extend your Thai visa in Bangkok

Updated April 2020. I’m flying to Korea on Christmas day for 3 weeks in South Korea, one week in North Korea and then a trip to North Eastern China for the ice festival in Haerbin. I’m currently in Bangkok and my visa expired yesterday, but I don’t fly from Bangkok until next week so I needed to extend my visa. For anyone else who needs to extend their Thai visa in Bangkok, or needs to check into immigration every 90 days – this is where you need to do it:

extend your Thai visa in Bangkok Thai immigration Bangkok
Print this out or save it on your phone for the taxi driver, or even better use google maps.

Thai Immigration Phone: (+66) 0-2141-9889

Google map HERE

NOTE: The old immigration office is Soi Suan Phlu, Sathorn Tai Road, Bangrak, Bangkok. DO NOT GO HERE!! This is now effectively closed.

NOTE: Rumours that you may have to go to ‘Muang Thong Thani’ for visa extensions are rife. Please double check before you extend .


How to get to Thai immigration:

The easiest way is to take the Bangkok Sky Train to Mo Chit station ($1-$2), and from there use the address above to give to a taxi driver to take you to immigration (about 100 baht taxi fare, $3-$4).

Thai immigration in Bangkok
If it looks like this, you’re in the right place!

Can I extend my Thai visa?

Probably, yes. If you have a standard 14 day, 30 day, or 60-day tourist visa or visa-waiver (one you got on arrival by land or air into Thailand), then yes you can extend by 30 day for 1900 baht ($60)

If you have already extended once, you can get a 7 day emergency extension for another 1900 baht ($60). After that, you HAVE to leave the country and come back. If you need a longer extension, you’re gonna need to do a visa-run to a nearby country. More info here


What do you need to extend your visa?

1900 baht (there are ATMs at immigration)


Copy of Passport, Departure Card, and Entry Stamp (can get this in the huge building at immigration for 3 cents per page)

2 Passport-sized photo (can get this at immigration too)

Application Form (provided at immigration)

Your address and phone number


How long does it take to extend your visa?

It takes around 60 minutes to get there, 60 minutes form-filling, queuing, waiting and another 60 minutes to get back to your hotel/hostel etc, so give yourself the morning to sort it out.


The procedure for extending your visa:

  1. Queue outside the immigration office within the huge building (pic above)
  2. When you get in, go to the counter and tell them why you’re there – they’ll give you the appropriate form
  3. Fill in the form (both sides), attach your passport photo to the form and hand it back to the ladies who gave it to you
  4. Go through to the next room, queue up for a ticket number
  5. The ticket number will tell you which counter to sit beside, go there and wait for your number to be called
  6. Go to the counter, have a quick chat, go back and sit down outside the counter again and wait to be recalled
  7. Collect your passport, with the overpriced extension and be on your merry way

Immigration opens at 8.30am, so try to be there around 8.15am. It also closes between 12.00-1.00 so bear that in mind too. Good luck!!


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31 thoughts on “How to extend your Thai visa in Bangkok

  1. Hi, my visa expires on 4th of June 2017, Sunday. As the immigration office is closed over the weekend, is it OK to go for the extension first thing on Monday? I am worried that my stay will be illegal on that day 5th of June till I go to the immigration office and get my stay time extended, can I be in trouble for that? Thank you.

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  3. Hi!
    I did mistake and I bought tickets for 19 days In Thailand but I have only authirised to get 14 days visa.
    I understand that it could be prolonget as you explained, but I am worried that thay will not give me 14 days visa because my flight ticket is after 19-8 not 14 days?
    What would be your advise?
    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi! Arrived by land from Malaysia so only got a 14 day visa. It Will expire on the 27th of april, and we Will fly home on the 3rd of may. So it Will be exactly 7 days more that we need go get an extended visa for. Can we go to the immigration Office a couple of days before or do we need to be there the exact same day it expires to get 7 more days? Or do they start counting from the day out first visa rund out? And is it possible to leave Thailand on the exact same day as the extended visa rund out? Would be so kind of you to help us understand this!

    1. Today I used the info you provided here and it was a very simple process getting to and from the immigration building as a result. Thanks! In terms of time, I was in and out of the immigration building in about 1 hour and it was a painless process. I suggest people follow the steps as suggested. Worked great for me!

  5. Seems sound till you try it for real. First even though the young taxi driver could read what you wrote (I printed it out big) and thought he knew where it was…he dropped me off at the wrong building. Which after wasting time finding out from their information and finding a moto taxi to drive me another five minutes to the right place I was out 130 Baht plus the delay made sure that I wasn’t in time to make the first cut off in the waiting line for immigration work before their lunch time! So another hour later..we sit for another hour, the numbers not changing only to find that our sections internet connection is not they can’t process us. Go figure what looks good on paper about Thailand is just part of the Myth. A complete day wasted…YES..SINCE WE ARE A TOURIST ECONOMY LET’S PUT OUR VISA DEPARTMENT AS FAR FROM THE TOURISTS AS POSSIBLE!

    1. Which building did u go to? Last time it was up in a shopping mall. Did the same. Drove me to that square building only to realize it was closed indefinitely. I have to do this tomorrow. A complete waste of time.

  6. Thanks for the info! It is still valid as of December 2015. Got a 30 day extension on my 30 day visa extension (so yes, that’s possible).

    No questions asked whatsoever, but you do need a phone number and address and I think not dressing like a bum is helpful. Took about 2 hours after lunch which is probably the worst time to go. .

    1. It should read i got a 30 visa extension on my 30 day exemption… Note that the extra 30 days is added to the date on your departure card so you can apply at any time!

  7. Hi, great post! So any of those immigration offices shown on that Google Map can extend your visa? Also, will they extend it toward the tail end of the trip? My girlfriend and I are debating whether or not to stay for Yi Peng (lantern festival) as it’s a few days outside of our 30 day visa window. Would like to play it by ear and extend it later on in the trip if possible. Thoughts?

    Thanks again for putting this all together!

  8. Hi
    I am planning to travel to bangkok this july. I’m planning to stay for 1month and 20days. My 1month stay will be covered by the 30days free stay on stamp on arrival right?. How can I extend for my 20 days of stay? I have a return flight at august 20. I heard about 30days extension of stay but I do not have a tourist visa I only have on stamp arrival. I came from dubai and wanted to stay in thailand for 1month and 20days, I have ticket going to Philippines on August 20,2015.

  9. I will be going to Thailand and plan to stay there for 1 and 16 days as a tourist. Entering the kingdom allows 30 days that would be for my 1month stay. For my 16 days extension tourist visa, where can I get it? can i get it in bkk or do i need to exit to laos? or any suggestion if i can take another extension visa right at the airport? for my 16 days extension do i need to get a single entry or 30 days extension any difference?

  10. man should have just drove here plenty of parking and easy to get to using google maps had to tell taxi driver how to get here. They say not much parking which is crap

  11. Great information. Our tourist visas expire on January 31st 2015. We want to extend for 30 days and then do a visa run and get a new tourist visa either from Cambodia or Laos. Is this information still current for going to the immigration department? Wondered if anything had changed since the coup.

  12. My 60 days will be finished on February 18th… if I get the extension today (february 3rd)… then could I stay till March 18th or March 3rd? Thank you so much!

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