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Manhattan is the neuralgic centre of New York City, the place where everything is going on and the busiest part of the city. This is where all the famous skyscrapers are, such as the Empire State Building, the Bank of America Tower and the Chrysler Building to name but a few. However, you don’t need to look up all the time to find the most important building in this part of the city. Grand Central Station is also one of New York’s most important landmarks and one that definitely warrants a visit during your stay in New York apartments.


The building was finished in 1871 in Midtown Manhattan, on East 42nd Street at Park Avenue. At first it was called Grand Central Depot and it brought all the big train lines of New York into one station. In 1903, the train station was demolished progressively and was rebuilt once again, with work finishing in 1913, this time a lot bigger and which served a lot more people. The building was an architectural work of art, with sculptures and designs all around and inside it that belonged more in a museum than in a train station, a shame that they couldn’t be admired by those busy commuters.


In the mid-20th century, trains were no longer one of the main ways to travel in the United States and Grand Central started to fall into decline, with various plans put forward to demolish the station and build skyscrapers in its place but just as the plans looked like they were going to go forward, the station was named a New York Landmark, partly thanks to the pressure of J.F. Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline. The station was renovated again in 1994 and in 2000 it was a new station once again.

grand central station nyc

The station doesn’t just have two concourses with over 40 platforms in total but it also has some very interesting things inside. One of the most famous ones is Whispering Gallery, which is an arched square where you can stand at opposite corners of it and whisper into the walls and it’s heard on the other side, due to the low ceramic arches. Also, another of the features that mostly went unnoticed is the ceiling of the Main Concourse, which is a mural of the stars, although some will point out that it’s backwards, since it was painted with the intention of it being seen in the same way God would.


Also, during the last renovation a sculpture of an eagle was placed on top of the entrance of 43rd St and Lexington Avenue, the same eagle which once adorned the initial Grand Central Station in the 19th century. This is just one of the main reasons to visit this station, which has endured through the years and although it’s not the busiest station in New York anymore (the title going to Penn Station), it’s still the most beautiful one and one of the most important landmarks in the city.


Not everything to see in the Big Apple is up in the sky. Make sure you visit Central Station, its Main Concourse, the Whispering Gallery and all of its attractions when you rent apartments in New York.


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2 thoughts on “Grand Central Station, an institution of New York

  1. I agree- Grand Central is absolutely gorgeous and is very interesting. I love meeting people there because you’re never bored if you get there early or if the other person is late 🙂

    My favorite thing to do is to go to the small market inside to pick up some saucisson on my way home!

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