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Finding parking at London’s Gatwick Airport can be a real headache, especially Gatwick Parking. It is one of the most popular airports in the world, and the parking is therefore at a real premium. This is especially true of the parking lots that are located at the airport itself. The following is a guide that will help people driving to Gatwick to get their cars parked with a minimum of expense and hassle.

gatwick airport
At the Airport

There is a lot of parking at the airport, but it is nowhere nearly enough to handle the incredible amount of passengers that flow through the gates here every day. It means that passengers who are set on parking at the airport need to give themselves plenty of time to find a spot. This also means that passengers who are trying to save time by parking at the airport will most often end up costing themselves time. When combined with the massive expense of parking at the airport, it pays for travellers to look to alternative means of parking their cars when travelling out of Gatwick.

Saving Money on Parking at Gatwick

The best way to save money on parking at Gatwick is to not actually park at the airport itself. There are many lots surrounding the airport that offer much less expensive parking options than the airport does. These off-site lots offer incredible values for budget-conscious travellers. They offer a safe environment for drivers to leave their cars in with peace of mind while they are on their journeys. These off-site parking lots offer free shuttle services that will get travellers to and from the airport in a jiffy.

Look to Hotels

One of the best ways to save money on parking when flying out of Gatwick is to look at the hotels in London that offer free parking. For travellers who are shuttling often between London and other cities, they can get free parking at many London hotels. These hotels typically offer guests who stay at the hotel free parking when they will be returning soon to the hotel. They also offer a free shuttle service that will transport guests of the hotel to and from the airport. Staying in a hotel in London that offers these free parking services is a great way to save money and to avoid the hassle of finding parking at the airport.

Make Reservations Well in Advance

Because the parking is at a premium for Gatwick, travellers should book their parking arrangements as far in advance as possible. As soon as you know that you will need parking at Gatwick, you should begin to search for a good parking option. This will avoid the nightmare of trying to find last-minute parking at an airport that is notoriously short of parking spaces.

Follow this guide and you will find it a breeze to get inexpensive parking for Gatwick trips. The search will be well worth it. You can save money and relieve your anxiety with a little thoughtful planning ahead of time.



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  1. There is a fantastic train connection to Gatwick.
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